Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thoughts On An Attitude Of Anger ...

Are you filled with Rage? Do you verbally hurt those you love the most, then hate yourself afterwards?Have you resolved to work on anger management in 2017? I have a few close friends who are working on these issues, and it is their focus for the new year. I have some issues to focus on myself; I am so imperfect, and I won't deny that.
I guess the best blessing I've inherited from my Earthly Father and received from my Heavenly Father is that I try to be ... "slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to get angry. James 1:19." I do not post very many Bible scriptures because I feel like a hypocrite most days, but I do still try to accept the Grace that He has given. I struggle with a lot of things, but a short temper is not one of them. I will cut you loose and walk away before I create or participate in arguing with petty fits of drama and rage. If you are someone who is a part of me, and if I truly love you, I will probably give you more chances than you deserve, because that is who I am in my spirit, and that is what my Heavenly Father does for me more often than I deserve. As I have grown and matured, I have learned to let go of things (or people) that disappoint me and hurt me. Especially if they hurt me on purpose. Life on this earth is too short to hurt people who have hurt us. If someone has hurt you, it's easier to get over than you think it is. Change your mind, change your heart and put James 1:19 into practice. Don't let anger be your God. I believe we will live a longer, healthier life if we live by that verse. My daddy is going to turn 86 this May. He is at peace with himself, others and with God. I want to be the same. How can we be quick to listen if we are screaming in a rage of anger? If we tone down the volume on anger, we can finally hear that which needs to be heard. And as my daddy says, "We might learn something."