Friday, February 11, 2011

So When's The Last Time I Blogged About Stephen?

Yeah, I know! It's been a while, huh? Let me give y'all a brief update.

One of my old friends mentioned that she hadn't seen a photo in a while of Stephen and was caught a little off guard when she saw a photo of him with facial hair. Friend, I still cant believe it either! It just makes me want to cry when I compare his old photos to his recent ones. It feels like the last 18 years have flown by so quickly. I cannot tell you how much I wish I had listened to my Mawmaw years ago. The very last one-on-one conversation I had with her she was urging me to have more children. She couldn't imagine one child being enough. She had many siblings growing up and had eight children of her own. Well, I wouldn't have wanted eight children! But I do wish I had at least one more. Not only for my own reasons of loving children, but also so Stephen would have a brother or sister. My brother and I are ten years apart in age, but even so, we were always very close. I wish Stephen had that. If I could go back a few years I would have ignored the doctors and tried for another baby. Stephen is a miracle, and God could have performed another miracle - If we had allowed Him.

So, about Stephen. He's had a birthday since I last updated! He is now eighteen years old! Oh, be still my tearful heart! He and I stand exactly nose to nose and he weighs almost as much as I do. He is waaaay stronger than I am. He gets sweeter every day. Absolutely the love of my life, as I have said time and time again. And the icing on the cake is, we can even wear the same size. That's super cool! :)

A side note here: My laptop just up and died on me two days ago. I could cry a bucket of tears because the last three years of our life is on that thing. Photos of Stephen and my mama, videos of Stephen and my MAMA! I hope and I pray it can be repaired, or at the very least, I can have my photos and files copied. Either way, it''ll cost many dollars that I just don't have right now. So I will save all that for a future project.

I am now blogging from my old faithful Dell desk top computer that is still running on the XP operating system. Need I say more? They should have stopped at XP in my opinion. Best system they ever had.

Fortunately I do have some recent photos uploaded to facebook, so I will add one or two here to show y'all -- and dear old friend, brace yourself girl ... You won't believe your eyes.

Many Blessing!