Friday, September 11, 2009

Breakfast With Stephen

When was the last time I posted a Stephen update? Hmm, been quite a while, huh? So, let’s do that today.

And, what could be better than a Stephen update?
Breakfast with Stephen, of course …

Stephen’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast. That child loves bacon. I believe the boy could eat an entire slab of bacon all by himself. I try to limit our bacon and egg breakfast to Sundays only, because of the whole high cholesterol thing you know, but today we splurged.

This is Stephen’s 2nd week in a row of being absent from school.
If you know anything about his history, you know that he is more medically fragile than the average child, meaning, if he catches the swine flu or any other kind of flu, he’s probably going to be very, very sick. A few friends and neighbors whose children attend the same school as Stephen has told me that the swine flu is running wild there, so to be on the safest side possible, we're keeping him home from school and avoiding crowds.

Poor child is so bored because he loves school and misses his friends, and that’s why I couldn’t tell the sweet boy, 'No' when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he went straight to the bacon when I opened the refrigerator. Smart lil booger. He may be nonverbal, but he knows what he wants and gets his point across!

Normally, when I make a frittata for myself, I throw everything in: Bacon, eggs, cheese, veggies, you name it. Stephen doesn’t like his that way. As I mentioned, he loves his bacon, so I have to put that on the side of his dish. He also loves papaws homegrown grape tomatoes and prefers those on the side. Below is how we made Stephen’s breakfast frittata and a few photos. Proof that even though he tries to act otherwise at school, he can use a fork. You just have to serve something he loves as much as bacon and eggs to motivate him, ha!

Incase you’ve never made frittata, this is how I make mine:


* Eggs
* Milk
* Chopped peppers from my daddy’s garden ;)
* Grape tomatoes from my daddy’s garden (I slice them in half)
* Onions, sliced
~ Sometimes I also use fresh asparagus or broccoli, which is out of this world with this recipe. Spinach is also good.
* Bacon, sausage, ham, whatever meat you like, or none at all. Whatever you prefer, but I recommend you cook it first. I’m sure you know that … I’m just sayin’.
* Grated cheese
* Salt and Pepper
* A skillet
* Butter and Olive oil (I use equal amounts. The olive oil makes me feel less guilty for using butter)


* Like I was saying above - if you’re adding meat of any kind, cook it.

*Add the oil and butter to the skillet and sauté the onion and peppers till they’re as tender as you like them. Add the other vegetables of your choice and turn heat down. Cook until the vegetables are as tender as you like them.
*Meanwhile, beat your eggs and milk together. I add the seasoning to my eggs. Salt, pepper, whatever you like.

*After this, add your meat, if any, to the vegetables and pour the beaten eggs all over your sautéed vegetables.

*Make sure your heat is turned down so your eggs won’t brown too much on the bottom and let them cook uncovered for a few minutes, then cover with a lid and turn heat to low and cook until the eggs are almost set but still jiggles a little on top (very little).

* Turn on the broiler; add grated cheese to top of the eggs and cook under the broiler until the cheese melts and the sides are slightly curled up and crispy.
And that’s just how we like it.

As you can see, Stephen was a very, very happy boy to have a Sunday breakfast on a weekday.

See what I mean about the edge being crispy and curling up a bit?

(proof he can use a fork)

Now, you tell me -- Have you ever seen a happier boy or a more beautiful smile?


Bridgett said...

Awww...I'm so glad you two enjoyed your yummy breakfast! I have to say, it looks REALLY yummy.

Stephen is growing up, Mia. He looks so happy and mature.

And I think you're wise keeping him home at this time. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

Take good care, you guys. :)


Warren Baldwin said...

This was a nice post. I can tell you are a good mom.

And this meal sounds great!

Thank you for another nice comment on my blog, Family Fountain. I appreciate your time visiting and reading.


Warren Baldwin said...

Just stopped in to see if you had a new post up. I actually went to your other blog first and read the story about the tornado destroying your Papaw's house but not the church building he pastored. Scientific explanation? There might be, but I like your conclusion better, too: a miracle. I know a story of a house being blown away but a Bible resting unmoved on the coffee table in the living room. Of course, sometimes even church buildings and Bibles are destroyed or damaged in storms and catastrophes, but I think God must have a sense of humor and he sometimes does something just to keep us wondering, looking, and believing. Can't you hear him say to the angels with a smile, "Watch this. I'm going to do something that has them wondering and talking for years." I used to believe in a pretty closed and rigid system, even as a Christian. But as I get older, I think it is easier to believe in miracles than to believe in that closed system where we think God can't operate. After all, he is God! That was a good story on that blog.