Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Warning About Craigslist Scammers ...

First of all, let me start by saying we have these items for sale on I’ll share the photos with you here so you won’t have to click over.

Custom Made Standing Floor Mirror.
Shape: Rectangle Size: 66 inch length by 22 inch width
Material: Steel frame and stand. Beveled glass mirror.

And the granite top table, which I have already told you all about:

These are all custom designed and hand-made by my husband; He isfinishing up a design for a kitchen rack for pots and pans right now and I'll show you that when he is finished.

I quickly caught on to add the following to the ad:

Local buyers only. Cash only. NO "OVERNIGHT CASHIERS" CHECKS!!!

But it doesn’t matter. Duplicitous scammers still manage to send emails such as this:

Hello How are you doing.....i would like to know if this item is stillfor sales if yes please get back to me is my phone number!503-665-3195....please email me your phone number! Thanks (I googled their number and found out they are scammers, just as we suspected.)

Also, this is a popular email we’ve received (This one is my favorite):
Thanks for the swift response, just to let you know that am okaywith the condition and price of the item, am ready for its purchaseand my form of payment will be by sending you Check via UPS next daydelivery................
I'll be responsible for the pick-up and the pick up money will beincluded in your payment to avoid delay and to enable pick up companyto schedule an appropriate time for the pick-up at your location aftercheck has been cashed,as i have otherproperties to be moved alongsidewith yours.
I would have really love to come for the viewing but due to my workframe that might not be possible,but if you have the pics,might wantto have a good look. Please do get back to me with your full name andaddress including your cell and land number so i can make out payment............
Um, yeah. Right. Hey, I know! Why don’t I just give you turn-by-turn directions to my home so you can just come on over and use the key to get in and take whatever you want? I’ll leave the key under the mat for your convenience. --- I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

We’ve been trying to sell my husband’s custom made metal furniture designs on Craig’s list since September and we’ve never gotten an honest inquiry. Honest buyers are out there. I know this because we have bought items on Craig’s list before and we are honest people. However, just because we’re honest, doesn’t mean we’re gullible. It bothers me when I read reports on the internet of people who have fallen victim to these scammers and apparently, none of them have gotten in trouble because they are using fake names and can‘t be located.

Our items are located at my husbands fabrication shop in the middle of the industrial park which has an eight foot fence topped with barbed wire around it, and it is patrolled by the local police department at night. I’d never give strangers directions to my home or my personal information.

From what I understand, these scum-suckers send you a check far beyond the amount you asked for, then tell you to cash it and wire them the difference and tell you to keep $100 for your trouble. The mover never shows up and two weeks later, your bank informs you the check was a fake and you owe the bank the full amount of that check and whatever fees incurred as a result of your gullibility. And the icing on the cake is, they have all of your personal information of which they could use to do their next scam. Well, how simply delightful!

I’m not going to continue with Craig’s List. I think it’s fine if you’re selling something under $100 but the higher your asking price, the more response you’ll receive from scammers. Serious buyers on Craig’s list are looking for low prices. I got two Kennedy Rockers for $30 a few months ago! Cool, huh?

I don't really want to go with E-Bay either. So I'm not sure at this point what to do. I'll keep y'all posted and if you have any experience with this sort of thing, please let me know.


Bridgett said...

It's so disgusting that things like this happen.

I sell things on my autismforsale yahoo group, but it's all autism parents, so we haven't had any issues within the group at all.

I hope you're able to figure something out. :(


Remo said...

I probably get a call per week from someone who got suckered by this stuff.

Rjet33 said...

People are so evil nowadays. Your Hubby does wonderful work though. Too bad we are packed in like sardines in our current location. Love that table!~

Merry Christmas!~


Sheria said...

Wow, you describe the exact scam that local law enforcement was warning people about in my area on the evening news!

BTW, I like your husband's designs, they're beautiful.

Bill said...

Hi Mia, Just stopped by to catch up on my reading. I've been busy for a while. I thought this entry was an interesting read. Hi Stephen. Hope all is well.
My Regards, Bill

Robbie said...

Sorry to take so long to stop by and say hi Mia. Steven has grown so much! Holy cow moly! I remember your blog, woops, journal, was one of the first ones that I found on AOL and he was so young back then. Time sure does move on!

Your husband's work is beautiful!!!! If you haven't sold the pieces yet, you might want to try a different approach. If memory serves me correctly, you live in AL but I don't recall how rural your situation is. Find a design firm, either architectural or interior design and see if they have a place that they showcase pieces. They'd want some kind of commission but you could probably get the full value of those pieces as opposed to discount hunters on Craigslist. That table is incredible! Even a small antique store might take your pieces on consignment. Some places will accept items that are new if they are quality craftsmanship such as those.