Monday, December 1, 2008

Two Blogs In One ...

Thanksgiving Dinner

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was nice and laid back. I enjoyed not having to cook -- and missed cooking at the same time.

My mama wasn't feeling well at all. Making the banana pudding took too much out of her, bless her little heart. Not only did she feel bad, physically, she was also very depressed because she was unable to stand at the stove and make her famous pies like she used to do in times past. Mama did manage to give me a compliment, which made my day. As we sat down and sampled everything on our plates, mama said, "Well, baby doll, I can say one thing; Their dressing is good but your dressing is much better." Aw, how nice of her to say that. I think she's getting soft on me. I must tell you, as much as that compliment meant to me, I tensed up and avoided eye contact with the husband because, as I stated in my previous post, he has made his feelings abundantly clear about our "food critic behavior."

Mama and daddy left right after eating so mama could go home and take a long nap and I didn't even hear from them until the next morning.


Oh, NO he Didn't!

After my parents left, the husband and I cleared the dishes and had the following conversation:

Husband: I have a confession ...

Me: Yeah? ... What is it?

Husband: I didn't like the turkey done that way and your dressing is way better.

Me: ??? - Really, sweetie? I'll make the turkey and dressing just the way you like it for Christmas, Okay?

Husband: Yeah, that'd be great; I can't wait till Christmas! ::Big smile:: (followed with giving me tender kiss and cozy hug)

Yes, I had to bite my lip when the urge washed all over me to come back with something like, "What? You're a food critic now?" But, if I had done that, it would have kept the fuss going, don't you think? No doubt, I would have missed out on that hug and kiss, too. Plus, the husband set a very good example for me by not saying all of this during dinner. I'm beginning to see where he's coming from.
-- Well, not really. That's a lie. I honestly don’t understand how he feels. But, I'll be a good girl and respect how he feels and try really, really hard to keep my hypercritical comments to myself while we're eating dinner out (wish me lots of luck with that). I’ll even say I appreciate my dear husband for pointing that out. After all, the main reason we started having a date night on Fridays in the first place was to help mend our relationship and I'm not exactly helping by doing something I know irritates the daylights out of him. And, I wouldn’t have known how much that bothers him if he hadn’t told me.

Communication and Respect. Those words are critical in a marriage. I only wish we had done more communicating and respecting in our earlier years. We could have saved ourselves a lot of pain and trouble.

I am slowly making my rounds and visiting all of my favorite blogs. Stephen is back in school today after being home since last Wednesday. I am way behind on laundry and have to pay bills today AND I have to cook a real meal for the first time since last week.

Y'all take care!


Bridgett said...

Awww...I just love when husband's do or say something super sweet. :)

I'm glad your Thanksgiving was a nice one, Mia. Love you.


Remo said...

Amen on the communication. But it has to work both ways and both parties have to learn the difference between communicating and complaining.

It takes two to tango!