Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! ~ Once Upon A Midnight Dreary ...

I love the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. The Raven is my favorite. I read that Poe was paid less than $10 for The Raven which was published somewhere around 1845. Poe lived a troubled life and endured many losses in his forty years on earth. I imagine that's what drove the gifted literate-artist to drink as he did. ... It certainly shows in his words.

The only thing that could make The Raven better is, Vincent Price reciting it. Right? And guess what I found on youtube? If you're a Vincent Price fan AND an E. A. Poe fan, you'll love this combo.

So it's no secret by now that I'm a Vincent Price fan. Well, back in the day I was also a huge Michael Jackson fan. The Thriller has to be my all time favorite music video. I was 16 years old when this hit M-TV. Here it is in it's full version! The embedding was disabled so you'll have to click the link.

I'm about to go and make a ton of pumpkin shaped cookies and gut the pumpkin for the husband to carve when he gets home. Tonight we're going to the church for trunk-or-treat and they are having an indoor festival with activities for the kids. Y'all have a safe and happy Halloween!

take care!


Bill said...

I also, am a great fan of Poe. I actually loved Vincent Price when I was a kid. He could sure make you all nervous and have chills when he acted or recited a poem / story. Hope Stephen has a good day today (and you too!!!)
My Regards, Bill.
(Oh Yeah, BOOOOO!!!!)

Bridgett said...

I first saw Vincent Price on the movie Fright Night. At least I think it was Vincent Price. LOL

I read Poe in high school, but honestly could never really get into his stories.

I'm more of a Stephen King kinda girl! LOL

Happy Halloween!

Indigo said...

I love Edgar Allen Poe....It's one of my all time favorite reads on my Blogger profile. I used to recite the Raven to my daughter when she was little she completely understood it, and loved hearing me read it.

Of course I remember Vincent Price, the was something about him that always made you feel like you were in for a good scare. (Hugs)Indigo