Thursday, September 11, 2008

So, You Want To Know What I've Been Up To?

Well, humor me ... let's pretend you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting to hear from me.

I've been working for the husband. Not only am I his bookkeeper/secretary/gopher; I am now also his web designer. Let me be honest here. I am no web designer. Well, while we're on the subject and while we're being honest, neither am I a bookkeeper or secretary. Gophering is about all I'm technically qualified to do.  I was, at one time, someone's personal assistant. I'm really good at doing what I am told. As long as I have knowledge of that which is assigned to me. Which brings me back to the aforementioned fact that I lack many of the skills I was hired to do.  In all fairness, the husband's budget isn't big enough to afford a professional anyway so I'll have to do. Hmm, you get what you pay for, right? Oh, and this morning my darling husband informs me that I've been given a promotion as marketing director to boot. ha,ha! Funny! Ya gotta love that man!

If you have time, please visit my husband's website: and tell me what you think. Below is one of his latest creations. He's having a difficult time parting with this table because he spent many hours creating it. The man is an artist. I'm not bragging. Well, darnit, YES I AM. Please allow me to brag on my talented husband. I'd also appreciate any feedback. If you guys can think of anything I should have or should not have done/said, please email or comment me and let me know.

I hope to be back soon with another update. I just wanted to let you know that I've been around but I've been busy.



The Pontalba Design Foyer Table

The table in the above photo was designed with the idea to replicate the cast iron balcony details on the Pontalba Building which is a landmark in New Orleans' French Quarter. Also known as the Scroll design, this table will add breath-taking beauty to any foyer and also serve useful as a sofa table, media table or dining room side-server table.
Other Details:
tabletop: one inch granite
height: 33-1/2 inches
width/depth: 17 inches
length:  63 inches
We can custom design your table for you. To discuss your ideas, please email me: