Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As I promised ...

Did you notice that my mood is "sore"? My arthritis or whatever it is started hurting Saturday morning (why does it always act up on weekends?) And I thought I'd tough it out this time. Last time it was this bad, I had to go and get a couple of shots and a pack of steroid-type medicine. I wasn't crazy about the side effects so I'm trying to wait it out but I don't know how much longer I can take it. It's like I have a toothache in my  left hip bone all the way down to the bottom of  my left foot. Uggh ... enough talking about that.

On the bright side ... And, yes, there is always a bright side, right? I've been helping daddy with his veggie garden and I'm learning quite a bit. Like, I've learned the difference between a weed and a small sprig of lettuce. I suppose I should be honest and tell you that I learned that one the hard way when I was helping dad weed the garden.

I got a picture of what we are pretty sure is the Mulberry tree that is at the edge of the garden. Glenda and Lori both say they believe it's a Mulberry and I trust their opinions. Now I need to pick some of them and make some jam. You can eat them, can't you? Our figs are still green. They've been green for a whole month now and a whole new crop is already coming in behind this one. Daddy says we might have 3 crops this summer. I found a recipe for fig cake that I've been wanting to try out. I found out that figs have a lot of potassium and that's something I stay low on. I didn't get any pics of the figs this time but will do so next week. Hope y'all enjoy the photos. OH - I took a picture of a flowering bush in my mama's yard; it blooms with the prettiest red flowers later on in the summer.  Help me out with this ... We don't know the name of it. Most of y'all are flower garden people, help me out here. I'll post it first.

Any ideas? I'll get a pic of the blooms in a few weeks.

Daddy. Paul. Stephen.

Radishes. My husband's favorite.

Daddy, picking green onions.

Grape Tomatoes!

Daddy. Stephen. Me.

Daddy and Paul.

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