Monday, January 21, 2008

sharing a few photos of the snow

Hey y'all!

I took the time to upload a few pictures. The first few photos were made this last Saturday when we had our first snow in years. We had a blast. I'm not sure if Stephen can even remember his last snow. He was five years old, I think.

I also added a photo that was taken on Christmas eve when Santa visited and right after Christmas was Stephen's birthday. He's getting so big. I just can't believe how much my baby has grown.

I'll get back in touch soon!

Y'all take care!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Fun MeMe I grabbed from a friend ...

A First-Born MeMe ...
1. What were your reactions?
I went sort of numb. (I was told my chances were greater to win the lottery than to get pregnant)

2. How old were you?

3. How did you find out you were pregnant?
I took a home pregnancy test because I was "late" but I expected it to be negative like all the others had been.

4. Who did you tell first?
My husband

5. Did you want to find out the sex?

6. Due date?
March, twenty-something

7.Did you deliver early or late?
Early. Very early. He was due in March, born in December.

8. Did you have morning sickness?
I had all-day-long sickness for the first 12 weeks.

9. What did you crave?
After the sickness ended, I craved Italian food, mostly. I loved sea food. And at least 4 times a week, I had cheeseburgers, fries and a chocolate milkshake.

10. Who irritated you the most?
My clients. (I didn't feel like standing on my feet, working 6 days a friggen week)

11. What was your first child's sex?
Boy (and, by the way, he's an only child)

12. How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy?
28 lbs

13. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
Premature labor which came out of the blue. Otherwise, up to that point, I had a healthy, normal pregnancy.

14. Where did you give birth?
A women's hospital in B'ham.

15. How many hours were you in labor?
About 18

16. Who drove you to the hospital?
My husband

17.Who watched?
My husband and a team of specialists that filled the room (because he was so premature)

18.Was it natural or c-section?

19.Did you take medicine to ease the pain?
Yes and no. They gave me an epidural but it didn't take for some reason.

20.How much did your child weigh?
3 lbs 5 oz

21.Did your child have any complications?
yes, too many to get into here and now

22.What did you name him/her?
The name I had always wanted for a boy (which coincidentally, is my husband's name!) 

23. How old is your first born today?
He turned 15 on December 26th