Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Waiting ...

So yesterday I spent the first day of Spring Break at the hospital, having tests done.  ... Bummer.

First, the ultra sound, which was either negative or inconclusive. They wouldn't share this information with me. But I know it wasn't positive for gall stones or they wouldn't have had to send me to nuclear medicine to put me through another two and a half hours of a HIDA scan (which was most unpleasant, by the way). ::sigh:: But as a reward for my inconvenience and torture, I stopped by Arby's and ordered a beef and cheddar combo. And, it didn't even make me sick. I was starving to death because I couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight on Sunday. I can go without food but I always have water close by. I was parched.
Stephen spent his first day of Spring Break with his daddy. He's coming down with a viral nose and throat thing and I felt it was best to keep him away from mama. He got to go to a meeting with his dad (poor daddy). The VP of a company he's been trying to meet with flew all the way up from Tampa to meet with him. One of those things you just can't rearrange at the last minute. So they treated the nice man to breakfast at ... McDonald's. LoL! Have I ever mentioned that I'm one of those people who has the worst timing you can imagine? Thankfully, the man he met with loves kids and has a few of his own so he was very understanding.
Now, we wait for the results. Of the meeting and the tests.
While we wait, lets take a look at prom pictures.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Prom 2007 (at the center)
Stephen on the dance floor. Travolta has nothing on him.

I don't think these pretty ladies will mind that I posted this photo of them with this most handsome fella. (I'll post now, ask later) His teachers in grade 4 and 5.

awww, no words needed.

Dancing with Mom. Please try to overlook the fact that mom didn't feel well and it shows.

... The End ...



my78novata said...

did you get your new pc??????? SIT DOWN AND ORDER IT!!!!!

hope5555 said...

I think you make an adorable couple!  Good luck with the test results.