Thursday, March 1, 2007

Coming Out From Under The Rock ...

After more than SIX weeks. Just long enough to say hello. Here's what's going on ...
* Does this mean that I have a new computer with DSL? No, it does not. I'm pitiful. I've set aside most of my extra income from cutting hair since last spring to buy a new computer and I haven't done it yet. I procrastinate, even the good things! See, the thing is, I'm also a tightwad. Therefore, I really put off a big purchase until I feel good about it. I just haven't felt good about it, yet. Also, there is this new MS Vista thing that I'm unsure of. Anyone out there upgraded yet? I've just gotten down with XP for goodness sake. Then, I'm kind of looking forward to learning something new. So, I'll probably be making that purchase soon.
* I was forced to slow down for two weeks because Stephen has been sick. He missed all but Friday of last week. I sent him back on Friday and he came home with something new. This Monday when he got off the bus, he was feeling fine and peppy as usual but by supper time, he was out of it. He had a temperature of 101, so I gave him some Motrin and put him to bed. He awoke at 3:30 with a fever so hot it burned my lips when I kissed his forehead. Tuesday was spent going to the pediatrician (again). We're not sure what it was; the only symptom was fever and a general feeling of blah and yuck. He and I spent the entire rest of the day laying on the sofa, watching Noggin and sipping ginger-ale and gatorade. Not that I enjoyed having my baby sick all day, but I did enjoy the fact that he cuddled up to his mama on the sofa. He's getting too big to do that unless he's sick and sometimes I really miss my baby. On his absent excuse, I had them to say that he can go back to school next Monday (even though, he could have gone back today.)  Why send him back too soon while his immune system is struggling?  Of course this means that I'm going to be way, way behind when next week rolls around. I've been putting off hair cuts to the point my people will be leaving me for Fantastic Sam's. My house will be nothing but a pile of laundry and unopened mail by next week.
* In other news: Central Alabama is under tornado watches and severe storm alerts all day,today! And, we are smack-dab in the middle of Alabama. My mama has been calling me since 2:00 this morning, wanting Stephen and me to come over so I can help her and Otis (the dog) down into the shelter if we happen to have a storm bad enough to seek shelter. And, I assure you, we don't need to be home in such a case anyway. We live in a tornado magnet with eleventy billion trees standing over us. My parents have about 13 or so huge pines surrounding their house, too but they have a basement and underground shelter.
I feel as though I've already lost you because I've been randomly rambling from beginning to end of this update. I'm only on my second cup of coffee and I'm severely sleep deprived. You'll have to forgive me for that. If you're still reading this entry at his point, that means you must really care what is going on with us.
By the way, I forgot to tell you the most important news. My mom's tests are back. The bad news first: The aneurysm has grown since the last scan was done. The good news is: Her lungs have improved a great deal! What this means is, they have no choice; they have to do the surgery. But, she's been smoke-free for about 8 weeks and her lungs are doing so much better. Monday we were at the hospital with my cousin who had surgery (when it rains, it pours in this family) and I noticed that mama walked all the way to where I parked without having to stop and catch her breath. This is HUGE! She's even getting up and cooking daddy's breakfast again! We're trying to keep her outlook positive. Every time she says something negative, I quickly jump in there with something positive to take it's place.
I wish had more time to sit here this morning. I wanted to post a recipe I tried last night and another one from Monday that was pretty good (and easy!) but that will have to wait.
It may or may not be another 6 weeks, but I'll be checking in. Y'all take care!