Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm taking a break.

Not leaving, just taking a break. I have a lot going on right now and something has to go on the back burner.  Unfortunately, it must be the Internet. I'll still be signing on a time or two, weekly. Don't be surprised if I poke my head in your journal from time to time to say hello and don't be surprised if I don't.
I'll get back in touch when:
a) I get a new computer and DSL. I have two older computers with dialup and neither of them are working for me right now. They are so slow. When I say slow, I mean, they are soooo slow, I can type in my password to sign on, go make a sandwich and come back and it's still trying to connect.  I'm a very impatient person these days. The slow speed is very frustrating and stressful. Plus, I don't have enough time to carve out of my day for "slow speed" connection. I need to be able to sign on, get the information I need and sign off in the amount of time it takes this computer to connect.
b) Most importantly, time for my mom's surgery is approaching and I want to spend as much time as I can with her. She wants me to help her get her house in order. We are all very concerned as she is facing a very risky surgery.
I'd appreciate all of your well wishes and prayers for my mom and our family.
I'll be back. Really, I will.
Till then, y'all take care!   

Monday, January 1, 2007

Update with a few photos

I have tried and tried (and tried) to find time to update my journal(s). I'll just have to let the pictures say most of it for now.

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday and I pray that you all have a most Healthy and Prosperous New Year!  

I have to go for now and serve up the traditional turnip greens and black eyed peas! Plus, sweet potatoes ... although it isn't a Southern tradition as far as I know, it's a tradition of mine. I just cannot eat turnip greens without sweet potatoes.

I best be gettn' to it! ;-) Happy New Year, everyone!