Monday, December 10, 2007


Taking a break from the serious stuff for a few minutes before I get back to my offline world. :-)
it's harder than it looks! Give it a try.  Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following ... they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. Let me know if you're playing so I can click over to your journal and read your answers.

What is your name - Mia
4 Letter Word - Moon

Vehicle Motorcycle (all I can think of)

City Montevallo (Well, it's a city down here in Alabama!)

Boy Name - Mork

Girl Name - Mindy    

Alcoholic Drink Moonshine

Occupation -Musician

Something you wear Moo-Moo  ;-D

Celebrity Mickey Rooney

Food - Moon Pie

Something found in a bathroom   Mat

Reason for Being Late Mostly because I procrastinate

Cartoon Character – Mickey Mouse

Something You Shout  MOVE!!!
Animal Moose

Body part Mouth

Word to describe you Moody (especially today)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Running With(Out) Scissors

Yes, I am forcing myself to carve out a few minutes this morning to update. First, I wanted to let you all know that I did NOT give the birthday wish list to the hubs. I figured many of you thought he must have read it and kicked me out, therefore, I had no computer access. Well, no to both of those assumptions. Also, I'd like to let some of you who were really concerned know that the list was written, tongue-in-cheek. My husband is a dear, sweet man and can even be thoughtful at times. But I do thank those of you who sent those empowering emails to me. And you all know who you are! ;-P
So I'll explain the title of this update. I am running without scissors because after more than 24 years in the hair salon world, I have decided to hang up the old shears. I do still cut hair for my immediate family and some seniors who just can't get out and go to a salon. But my knuckles just wouldn't let me do it anymore. I haven't mentioned that I've developed arthritis in my hands. I whine so much about everything else, I just hated to bring that up. But now it's out. I couldn't hide it anymore because they simply stopped working when trying to do haircuts. It's even hard to peel apples, potatoes, etc. I have found that if I take Aleve before doing haircuts it helps.
Before I go, I'd like to share with you all something that really has pulled on my heartstrings. If you know me and my son, you understand why this is so important to me. Over the last couple of weeks, I have gotten to know a most amazing woman who does volunteer work for some of the local ARC group homes. ARC, if you're not familiar with that acronym is, Association for Retarded Citizens. I think they've dropped that for political correctness and call it "Arc" now. However, I'm not 100% sure of that. Anyway, the important thing is, there are more than 160 individuals with special needs living in these homes. Their ages are anywhere from 20-60 years old. Can you imagine being an innocent child, trapped in an adult body? Can you imagine, believing in Santa Claus and never being remembered during Christmas because you have outlived your family? Imagine being a parent of one of these angels but you are unable to care for them so you have no choice but to place them in a home for the disabled to be cared for the way they need and deserve to be cared for. You would want your precious child to be remembered on Holidays and birthdays, wouldn't you?
I know it's the holidays and we all have our favorite charities we work with. I've sort of floated around Christmas after Christmas giving to this cause and that cause; They are all worthy. But I have found a permanent home for my compassion now, for this is where my heart truly is. I still want to help Toys For Tots but there is always room for one more. These forgotten children's wishes would humble you like you've never been humbled before. I have adopted four angels. For example, their wish lists are as follows:
*Roger age 60: Loves family movies
*Margaret age 50: A book that plays music and makes sounds when you push the buttons on the side. (Stephen will be choosing her books; They are on the same ability level)
*Jerome, an elderly man: House slippers
*Clifford, an elderly man: House slippers
*Simple crafts for senior men for one of the group homes.  ~ Most all of the wishes I saw were like this; All of their requests are so inexpensive and simple. You can spend as little as $5-10 or as much as you'd like. They are very appreciative and grateful darlings. Stephen is always more excited to get a coloring book and crayons than he is a computer game. They are all so easy to please. Shouldn't we all have a heart like them? What a wonderful world it would be. You can read an article about it here:

Friends and family who live nearby, If you'd like to make this a Merry Christmas for a forgotten adult-child, you can go to the Nextel dealer at the Publix shopping center in Pelham. If you are not living in our area and still want to help, contact your local ARC and simply ask them about their group homes and I'm sure they'll guide you in the right direction.
I will close this update/announcement now for I have a million things to do today. I will try (really, really hard) to update before another five months or so goes by. ;-)
Happy Holidays to all of my journal friends!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dear Husband Of Mine ...

As you are most aware, your wife has a birthday in a couple of weeks. I know that you have probably been frantically going through the sales papers and catalogs in search of the perfect gift for your wife. And, if you haven't, shame on you!

Are you considering a piece of expensive jewelry?

Please, don't!

That is very sweet of you to consider but, do I really need another necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings? You know as well as I do, I only wear my wedding rings and a watch. The pieces of jewelry I occasionally adorn myself with is more than enough for practical little O me. Really.

Are you thinking of more candles? Again, that is sweet of you, for you know I love candles. You probably haven't noticed, but I have a plastic bin full of unused candles in the back of the closet. I have enough candles to light our world for six months if we should have a major power outage.

I have given this a lot of thought and carefully listed a few inexpensive things that I would LOVE for my birthday. Please remember while reading this list that I love you and I appreciate the little things. So, they are as follows:

1.) Do you remember that bag of "stuff" such as business cards, screws, bolts and nuts, and other various items I don't even know the name of, that I cleaned off of your night stand? Well, I would love it if you'd go through that stuff and decide what you want to keep and find an appropriate home for it. Throw out the rest.

2.) Take our darling son to work with you one day. That way, you'll be able to see for yourself how much you can accomplish with him there. Then, I want you to come home and remember that, next time you are tempted to ask me why I didn't get so-and-so done.

3.) A nap! (for me, not you)

4.) Give me possession of the remote control. And, promise not to get mad if I call you in the room to find it for me several times in one evening, even though, I should be the only one who knows where it is, because I'm the only one who uses the darn thing.

5.) The above request would only make sense if you gave me a night off to actually watch a TV program from beginning to end. So, I guess request #5 is, Let me have a night off from my duties and routine so I can watch TV.

6.) Could you take over my evening duties and routine on my birthday? They would include but are not limited to the following:

*prepare supper

*prepare all three dinner plates and drinks then, set them on the table

*make Stephen stop whatever he is doing so he can come to the table and eat.

*help him wash his hands

*help Stephen with the more difficult food items which require a spoon or a fork, etc. while your food gets cold.

*Oops! Did you forget to say grace?

*clean kitchen and put leftovers in the fridge.

*stop what you're doing to get Stephen out of whatever he's gotten into. he may need to go to the bathroom and will need your help. OR you might need to change a diaper.

*give Stephen his evening medication with a cup of pudding or apple sauce before getting him ready for bed

*I would say "give him his bath," but you are already a doll and do that half the time anyway (thank you, sweetie!)

*help him brush his teeth

*let him pick out a book to read before bedtime. If it is a coloring book, get the crayons and help him color a page, then read or make up a story.

*say his prayers with him

*if it isn't too late, let him choose a movie to put in the DVD player so he won't keep getting up and coming in the laundry room while you're folding the laundry

*fold the laundry

*give the kitchen a once over

*pick things up in den and put them in their place.

*If it is a school night, pack Stephen's lunch and put it in the fridge. Wait! LoL, it's summer, you can skip this one.

*make my coffee for the next morning. I know you don't need coffee to wake up but perhaps after today, you will.

7.) After Stephen is (finally) asleep, talk to me. This means, no watching TV while you yeah-yeah me either! Really, talk to me.  (remember, this conversation may be the only adult conversation one of us has had today)

8.) While we're talking, it'd be a good time to get out the paperwork and plan a budget together. I'd really like to show you where our money is going and I'd like for you to decide with me what to cut out in order to save more for our/Stephen's future.

9) Give me your ATM card.

10.) Before you go to sleep, could you rub my back?


Do you think the hubby would be offended if I seriously printed this list and gave it to him? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'd like you to meet Lucy

It's been eight whole months since we lost our Patches and we still miss her terribly.  We've said all along that some day when our hearts were ready, we'd adopt another kitten.  But, it never felt like the right time.  Still, every night when Stephen and I said our prayers, we asked the Good Lord above to send us the kitten that was right for us ... when the time was right.

I guess He decided that last Saturday was the right time. That is when that cute little fur ball in the photo up there wandered into my cousin's yard. One look at her and we couldn't say no.

Lucy (named after I Love Lucy, one of Stephen's favorite classic tv shows) is fitting into our family just fine. She and Stephen are playing with his spoon collection as I type. Yes, I know it's late, but it's summer and he has a new friend.

I hate to cut this update short but it's time to get get his teeth brushed, let him pick out a book and hopefully, get him in bed before midnight.

I hope you're all having a great summer so far.

Y'all take care!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

One Worth Sharing ...

A couple of weekends ago, we went to the used book sale at the library. After having a long conversation with one of the ladies who works there, she managed to talk me into joining the "Friends of the Library" and helping them with the new cookbook next Fall. I told her that if all was well with my mother and my son, I'd be thrilled to help. I didn't mention that I'm also starting back to school next Fall. Well, I'm taking some refresher courses, actually. Business and Accounting. Yuck! I may take another creative writing class just to have something fun to look forward to. As usual, my plate for next fall is piling up. You'd think I'd stop doing that, wouldn't you?  By Thanksgiving, I'll be complaining about how busy I am.

Anyway, enjoy the dessert!
This one is a re-post from a long time ago. It's very tasty and very quick/simple.
Peach Dessert
You will need the following ...
* a 9X13 baking dish
* a stick of butter    (I didn't say this was going to be low-fat)
* 1-cup of self rising flour
* 1-cup of sugar
* 1-half cup of milk
* 1-tsp. almond flavoring
* 1-large can of sliced peaches (do not drain)
Preheat oven to 350. While oven is preheating, add butter to the baking dish; let butter melt in oven. Careful not to burn the butter.
While the butter is melting, stir the flour, sugar, milk and flavoring together in a bowl.  Remove the dish of melted butter from oven and add the batter. Give it a little shake to spread the batter and butter evenly. Pour the can of peaches evenly over the top of the batter. Bake till golden-brown and bubbly on top. The batter will rise above the peaches during baking process.
Serve with vanilla ice-cream.
Note: Use fresh peaches when in season. I peel and slice them before hand and add enough sugar to sweeten them. If you refrigerate overnight, they'll make very sweet syrup. ~ YUM!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hump Day?

More like, "funk" day.
I used to look forward to blogging. I would lay in bed at night and write all sorts of cute stories in my head. Some of them even landed in my journal.
I'm a huge whiner in my offline life. That's why I like to take a break from that side of me and write about the good things in my online journal(s). I keep saying, "I'll update my journal when I have good things to blog about." Okay, so when the heck is something "good" going to happen? Huh?
Truthfully, there are a few potential good things in the works right now in our life. But just as sure as I mention them, I'll jinx them and I'm just not willing to take that chance.
Let me get the news over with first:
a) I haven't heard from the good doc, yet. I'll email him as soon as I post this update. I just need to know whether or not my gall bladder is a keeper. If it's in good shape, that's great, but I'm back to square one and will continue the quest.
b) Stephen is still sick. Poor, baby. Not sick enough to go to the doctor or to lay around, but sick enough, they would call me to check him out from school because his nose is so runny. Plus, call me overprotective, I just like having my baby by my side when he's not up to par. We believe he has allergies. You know: runny nose, cough, red eyes, etc. However, it was after 1:00 am before he went to sleep last night and hit the ground running at 6:24 this morning. Something is wrong with this picture. He's been pulling at his right ear. I talked to the doc on the phone and he told me to go ahead and give him the Orapred (I think it is) that I have in the fridge to see if that helps the symptoms. If they come back, bring him in and we'll try another allergy med. My gut is telling me to get him in to see the DR. before the weekend.
So, considering I have no good news at the time, let me share something sweet. This is the peanut butter cookie recipe my mama always made when I was little. Even today, every time I make them, I feel like that four year old with no worries who ate them while I sat under the crabapple tree until I became sick.
Mama's Miracle Cookies (there is no flour in this recipe)
1 cup - peanut butter
1 cup - sugar
1 - egg
1 - teaspoon vanilla
Mix all ingredients together, shape into balls, gently press the tops with fork tines that have been dipped in a little water. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. These cookies are so yummy. You'll never miss the flour.  
note: I line my cookie sheet with nonstick foil for easy cleanup. Also, this makes a crunchy cookie. If you like them chewy, add up to 2 tablespoons of water.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Waiting ...

So yesterday I spent the first day of Spring Break at the hospital, having tests done.  ... Bummer.

First, the ultra sound, which was either negative or inconclusive. They wouldn't share this information with me. But I know it wasn't positive for gall stones or they wouldn't have had to send me to nuclear medicine to put me through another two and a half hours of a HIDA scan (which was most unpleasant, by the way). ::sigh:: But as a reward for my inconvenience and torture, I stopped by Arby's and ordered a beef and cheddar combo. And, it didn't even make me sick. I was starving to death because I couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight on Sunday. I can go without food but I always have water close by. I was parched.
Stephen spent his first day of Spring Break with his daddy. He's coming down with a viral nose and throat thing and I felt it was best to keep him away from mama. He got to go to a meeting with his dad (poor daddy). The VP of a company he's been trying to meet with flew all the way up from Tampa to meet with him. One of those things you just can't rearrange at the last minute. So they treated the nice man to breakfast at ... McDonald's. LoL! Have I ever mentioned that I'm one of those people who has the worst timing you can imagine? Thankfully, the man he met with loves kids and has a few of his own so he was very understanding.
Now, we wait for the results. Of the meeting and the tests.
While we wait, lets take a look at prom pictures.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Prom 2007 (at the center)
Stephen on the dance floor. Travolta has nothing on him.

I don't think these pretty ladies will mind that I posted this photo of them with this most handsome fella. (I'll post now, ask later) His teachers in grade 4 and 5.

awww, no words needed.

Dancing with Mom. Please try to overlook the fact that mom didn't feel well and it shows.

... The End ...


Friday, April 13, 2007


I've been putting off this update for two good reasons.
Reason #1 - I don't feel good. I haven't felt good in weeks. (years, really)
Reason #2 - I've been waiting for something good to journal about.
Something good did actually happen. Last week was my son's prom at the center. I took some pain meds and forced myself to go and I'm glad I did. It lifted my spirits to see how happy the children were! I have uploaded the photos and will try to post them soon. So stay tuned!
OK, I'm ready to talk about this. Friends, I've been sick. I've been sick for 6 years. I've been tested and tested and tested. Then, tested some more. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. I've had so much wrong with my stomach for soooo long, it feels as though I've been beaten and kicked in the stomach and back. Three weeks ago I seemed to get worse over night. All of a sudden, I just couldn't take it anymore. The pain became so intense. I became so depressed, I almost shut down. If I have any friends in my offline life reading this, I apologize for not answering my phone and returning your calls. I have only been returning business calls and only because I have to for the sake of the business. I don't want to talk about it, but I feel that I can write about it. Make sense? I don't know if I'm depressed because I'm so sick or if I'm sick because I am so depressed.  I realize the two go hand-in-hand. I think it's possible that after more than 14 years of being primary caregiver, I simply wore myself out. I probably made myself sick by neglecting myself. The hubs wasn't as supportive as I would have liked. Telling me I wouldn't be in this shape if I had taken better care of myself, blah-blah-blah. That's nice. Yet, I know he has a point. But would it kill him to be a little supportive? There's nothing worse than being sick and feeling like you're being punished for it. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm the type who thinks everything is my fault anyway. After hearing that, I only stated this fact: "Yep, you're right. For more than 14 years I've been putting everyone else's needs before my own." Enough of me being the Martyr. My son needs me to take care of myself so I can take care of him. Right now, his needs are the only ones that matter. I've learned that no one is going to love and take care of him like I do so I have to live forever. That's all there is to it.
So I finally broke down and went to our family doctor on Wednesday and after he poked around my stomach and back he's about 99% sure it's my gall bladder. Inflammation would explain the fever I've been having. When it's flared up over the last six years, I would have unexplainable fever, flu-like symptoms and pain. It had actually gotten a lot better and then came back with a vengeance. I'm going Monday to the diagnostic center for tests. As usual, I have bad timing. Our spring break begins on Monday. I have no one to watch Stephen except my poor mama who is doing worse than I am. God bless her, she volunteered to watch him. It's the busy season for my husband, being he's in the construction field. If he isn't on a job site, he's having to work in the fab shop.
I feel like I'm rambling here so I'll wrap this up. My friend Beth told me to try to schedule the surgery (that is if I need the old gall bladder removed) for a Friday so she can spend the weekend with me and help with Stephen. She took an enormous amount of weight off my shoulders by offering to do that. The doc says I should be able to return to work by Tuesday and my mama says that she'll get daddy to bring her over on Monday to help get Stephen ready for school, cook supper and pamper her baby. (awww, that makes me tear up)
So maybe next week I'll finally know what's wrong with my stomach after all these years. I was diagnosed with IBS four years ago. I think that's the label they give you when they don't know what's wrong with your tummy. I've had my gall bladder tested twice and all was okay. But, that was four years ago. To spare you from more of this rambling, I'll go for now.
Y'all take care and I'll upload those photos soon.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Coming Out From Under The Rock ...

After more than SIX weeks. Just long enough to say hello. Here's what's going on ...
* Does this mean that I have a new computer with DSL? No, it does not. I'm pitiful. I've set aside most of my extra income from cutting hair since last spring to buy a new computer and I haven't done it yet. I procrastinate, even the good things! See, the thing is, I'm also a tightwad. Therefore, I really put off a big purchase until I feel good about it. I just haven't felt good about it, yet. Also, there is this new MS Vista thing that I'm unsure of. Anyone out there upgraded yet? I've just gotten down with XP for goodness sake. Then, I'm kind of looking forward to learning something new. So, I'll probably be making that purchase soon.
* I was forced to slow down for two weeks because Stephen has been sick. He missed all but Friday of last week. I sent him back on Friday and he came home with something new. This Monday when he got off the bus, he was feeling fine and peppy as usual but by supper time, he was out of it. He had a temperature of 101, so I gave him some Motrin and put him to bed. He awoke at 3:30 with a fever so hot it burned my lips when I kissed his forehead. Tuesday was spent going to the pediatrician (again). We're not sure what it was; the only symptom was fever and a general feeling of blah and yuck. He and I spent the entire rest of the day laying on the sofa, watching Noggin and sipping ginger-ale and gatorade. Not that I enjoyed having my baby sick all day, but I did enjoy the fact that he cuddled up to his mama on the sofa. He's getting too big to do that unless he's sick and sometimes I really miss my baby. On his absent excuse, I had them to say that he can go back to school next Monday (even though, he could have gone back today.)  Why send him back too soon while his immune system is struggling?  Of course this means that I'm going to be way, way behind when next week rolls around. I've been putting off hair cuts to the point my people will be leaving me for Fantastic Sam's. My house will be nothing but a pile of laundry and unopened mail by next week.
* In other news: Central Alabama is under tornado watches and severe storm alerts all day,today! And, we are smack-dab in the middle of Alabama. My mama has been calling me since 2:00 this morning, wanting Stephen and me to come over so I can help her and Otis (the dog) down into the shelter if we happen to have a storm bad enough to seek shelter. And, I assure you, we don't need to be home in such a case anyway. We live in a tornado magnet with eleventy billion trees standing over us. My parents have about 13 or so huge pines surrounding their house, too but they have a basement and underground shelter.
I feel as though I've already lost you because I've been randomly rambling from beginning to end of this update. I'm only on my second cup of coffee and I'm severely sleep deprived. You'll have to forgive me for that. If you're still reading this entry at his point, that means you must really care what is going on with us.
By the way, I forgot to tell you the most important news. My mom's tests are back. The bad news first: The aneurysm has grown since the last scan was done. The good news is: Her lungs have improved a great deal! What this means is, they have no choice; they have to do the surgery. But, she's been smoke-free for about 8 weeks and her lungs are doing so much better. Monday we were at the hospital with my cousin who had surgery (when it rains, it pours in this family) and I noticed that mama walked all the way to where I parked without having to stop and catch her breath. This is HUGE! She's even getting up and cooking daddy's breakfast again! We're trying to keep her outlook positive. Every time she says something negative, I quickly jump in there with something positive to take it's place.
I wish had more time to sit here this morning. I wanted to post a recipe I tried last night and another one from Monday that was pretty good (and easy!) but that will have to wait.
It may or may not be another 6 weeks, but I'll be checking in. Y'all take care!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm taking a break.

Not leaving, just taking a break. I have a lot going on right now and something has to go on the back burner.  Unfortunately, it must be the Internet. I'll still be signing on a time or two, weekly. Don't be surprised if I poke my head in your journal from time to time to say hello and don't be surprised if I don't.
I'll get back in touch when:
a) I get a new computer and DSL. I have two older computers with dialup and neither of them are working for me right now. They are so slow. When I say slow, I mean, they are soooo slow, I can type in my password to sign on, go make a sandwich and come back and it's still trying to connect.  I'm a very impatient person these days. The slow speed is very frustrating and stressful. Plus, I don't have enough time to carve out of my day for "slow speed" connection. I need to be able to sign on, get the information I need and sign off in the amount of time it takes this computer to connect.
b) Most importantly, time for my mom's surgery is approaching and I want to spend as much time as I can with her. She wants me to help her get her house in order. We are all very concerned as she is facing a very risky surgery.
I'd appreciate all of your well wishes and prayers for my mom and our family.
I'll be back. Really, I will.
Till then, y'all take care!   

Monday, January 1, 2007

Update with a few photos

I have tried and tried (and tried) to find time to update my journal(s). I'll just have to let the pictures say most of it for now.

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday and I pray that you all have a most Healthy and Prosperous New Year!  

I have to go for now and serve up the traditional turnip greens and black eyed peas! Plus, sweet potatoes ... although it isn't a Southern tradition as far as I know, it's a tradition of mine. I just cannot eat turnip greens without sweet potatoes.

I best be gettn' to it! ;-) Happy New Year, everyone!