Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Subject Very Close To My Heart

Please take time to read this article. Especially if you live in the state of Alabama.

I often talk about how much I love Alabama. But THIS is one thing I don't love about it and it is a concern that weighs heavy on my mind. A concern that grows deeper every day.

What will it take for our politicians to care enough to do something about this problem?



my78novata said...

taht is so sad the way we treat the mentally unstable

dbaumgartner said...

My personal opinion is that nothing will change until each and every politician experiences this first hand and their family it torn by this issue.  Until then, they are blind.  It's very sad and unless there is a strong grass roots movement I don't see how there will be change.

Hugs my friend,


wfhbear said...

Is Stephen part of this suit? I have no idea what the laws are here or what they were in NJ when we lived there. I do think that this is a lot of Political "BS". Why has the Governor and the Sate Attorney taken such a harsh stand when dealing with these folks? My Regards to all of you, Bill.

hope5555 said...

So sad, and so short-sighted.