Wednesday, August 23, 2006


What's been going on?
The last few weeks have been a blur.
* I survived my birthday, flat tire and all. Managed to spend some time with my non biological twin to celebrate our fortieth. We had delicious food, saw a not-so-great movie and shared many laughs.
* School is officially back in full swing. I hope his experience with seventh grade is smoother than mine was. The school year of 1978/79 was a traumatic year for me. I wouldn't go back and relive that year if you paid me. I still have nightmares about it. I'll spare you the horrid details about the time a group of mean girls beat me up, locked me in the bathroom and took my clothes away from me. I was small for my age, very fragile and painfully shy at the time. I did absolutely nothing to them. They picked on me simply because they could. I was an easy target. No wonder I started falling behind that year ... I was always looking over my shoulder. They made my life a living hell. I still see a couple of these girls from time to time around town. I always remember that horrible year when I see them. Oh, I said I'd spare you didn't I. I'll shut up about that.
* Most importantly, my mother got the news this week she didn't want to hear. The surgeon wants to go ahead and do surgery to repair the aneurysm. It isn't responding to the medication and is growing at a steady pace. I wouldn't be as concerned if she were strong and in good health, but she has gone downhill at a steady pace as well. I'm sure that smoking multiple packs of cigarettes daily has contributed to the decline in her health. The cardiologist told her that he wasn't going to sugarcoat anything, considering the location of the aneurysm and the severity of her condition, it's going to be risky. But without it, she'll surely die. Hearing those words made me feel numb all over. For a moment, I forgot to breathe. Suddenly, all of the issues I've had with my mother seemed so unimportant.
I cooked extra supper last night and delivered their meal. They were pleasantly surprised. If you're reading this, spinthemoon, I cooked your pork chops. or chicken. recipe (the chicken version) they loved it! That's a huge compliment coming from my parents. My mother is a very good cook and they are picky eaters. They ate the chicken and rice without even looking up from their plates until every morsel was gone. They were very pleased that I brought enough for them to have leftovers tonight. :-)
So that about wraps up my update. I will be in and out of my journal community in the weeks/months to come. I would like to take this time to ask you all to send your prayers and well wishes to my Mom and our family during this difficult time. I will update as often as I can.


my78novata said...

sorry to hear about your mom. I tell you I sometmes feel that drs should not do surgery on people who wont quit smoking or drinking and make thier health worse. I wonder then WOULD they quit. Todds isthe reason I say this as he drank himself to death. cuases much heart ache and surgeries. BUT you know you dont wnat to deny them anything any change to live so its a two fold thing. how can you say no!!!!!!! OH My issues with my mom well hre alzhiermers is making them greater even with knowing ti closeer to the end with that diseas. but I am glad your mom is getting surgery I jsut wish she would make it  easier on you and others by quitting smoking my mom wont get the help she needs becuase as is usual she says there is nothing wrong reguardless of the reports and FACTs in her life.
gld you survived your birthday. I had a bad year too on ly it was black girls on a school bus who stuck me with needles!!!!!!! and a boy in second grade who unzipped my jumper on the play ground I never liked schoool I too was short for my age always on front row in pics and if not the end I was near it!!!!!! I was sickly and gangly in elementary school too that made it worse.

wfhbear said...

Mia, My Dad had his Aortic Aneurysm repaired with what they called a dacron screen patch. He did well during the surgery and quickly healed. The only drawback I remember is that he had to take antibiotics for a couple days before he went to the Dentist each year. That was to prevent infection from getting around the patch. We will insure that you Mom is on our evening prayer list. We also always remember you and Stephen. My Regards, Bill.

indigosunmoon said...

I will be thinking about your Mom.  Don't worry,
she'll be just fine.  
Love ya,