Friday, September 2, 2005

We're Okay

I apologize for not posting this sooner. I've responded to most everyone's e-mails to let you know we're okay. (I'll get around to each of them soon) But in case you're still wondering ... We're doing fine. We only lost our power and cable tv, and only for a short time at that. We were actually out of town, on our way back home. We managed to stay about 2 hours ahead of the storm. It was getting bad as we were leaving out of Mississippi on Monday. We didn't get home in time to prepare for very much. We did stay at my parents for a short time but Stephen doesn't do well when we're not home and he's not in his own surroundings. (unless he's in a hotel. The kid LOVES hotels. Go figure.)

I'll try to come back to my journal and post some helpful links for those of you in the B'ham area. I know of a few churches who are taking needed items to the gulf, our church included. Please e-mail me any news from your church/organization and I'll pass on what I can. Thanks for all of the prayers and helpful offers. Our prayers are with those who are in need at this time.


Mia and Family ~


my78novata said...

So glad you are okay I knew you were heard from bill too. thanks so much I love you girl and glad your safe.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oh my goodness, I hadn't even thought about you being so close to the storm.  Shame on me!!!  I'm sorry, Mia, but very, very glad to hear you and your family are okay.  

Thanks for letting us know.

We love you,

indigosunmoon said...

So glad you guys are ok!!!
Love you,

sunnysbrother said...

Glad you are ok, I had to postpone some plans because of the storm but at least we have just postponed and didn't get our future cancelled like some.
Dwayne and Dude

hope5555 said...

Mia, glad to hear you are all OK! What a nightmare it sounds like down there.

wfhbear said...

I wish we had a better comment but, all I can think of is that we are glad that you are all safe and sound. Bill, Libby, and "The Boys".

krobbie67 said...

Very glad to read all is well with you! :-) ---Robbie

gabreaelinfo said...

Glad to see you & yours are Ok.


dbaumgartner said...

So good to hear from you.  I was praying you were OK.  

s0ngbird1962 said...

Mia, so glad to hear that all is alright with you.  How terrible a tragedy  My heart breaks & I can't help but cry when watching the devastation and human suffering going on down there right now.  How can mother nature be so beautiful and cruel at the same time?  Had a co-worker in New Orleans (we haven't heard from her as of last Weds), hoping to hear good news soon.   My uncle who lives in Buloxi was also affected.  My uncle lost all possessions, he had to be rescued by helicoptor.  But he's thankful.... he (and his wife) have their lives.  He's on his way to NH now to recupe.  

Like Stephen, Spencer has always loved hotel rooms....  still does at age 17.  LOL.  We'd go on vacation and his fav part would be the hotel room, oh, and of course the hotel had to have a pool.    

Well off to catch up with the rest of your journal.  : )   Loving the back to school pic!!  XO