Friday, September 16, 2005

Husbands. You Gotta Love'em

Those who have me on alerts, sorry for any editing I have to do. Can anyone tell me why, when I copy and paste from MS Word, the paragraphs get all jammed up after I save to my journal? I always have to go back and "fix" it after it's been saved.   On with the story ...

The hubs had to be on the job-site a little early this morning, so his alarm clock woke us up sometime after 5:00.  My alarm always chimes in at 6:00 on the dot. This morning, however, I got up when his clock radio went off and I stumbled to the kitchen to turn my coffee on. When he noticed that I was awake, he says, "honey, it's only 5:30. Why don't you go back to bed till your alarm goes off? You don't have to get up just because I am up." Sounds good to me. I was more than happy to do so. A few minutes went by and although I think I am dreaming, I realize I'm not ..  he's asking me a question ....

Him: Hey, have you seen my phone?

Me: No. Look on the desk.

Him: (yelling from the living room, which is close to Stephen's room) It isn't there!

Me: Maybe it's in your truck.

Him: Huh?


Him: (Comes in the room) Where?

Me: ::sigh:: Why don't you dial your number and listen for it?

Him: Dials the number. (Can't hear it anywhere in the house.)

Him: Oh, I bet I left it in the truck.

Me: (beginning to feel like I'm in an, "I Love Lucy" episode)

Him: (Goes outside, comes back in.) Hey, it was in the truck.

Me: ::sigh:: You don't say!?!... (with just a hint of sarcasm) 

We say our goodbyes.

A few minutes go by ...

Him: (coming back in the house) Hey! Do we have any bandages? [all joking aside, the poor thing got a nasty burn at work last night]

Me: (I can't believe this!) YES!!!

Him: (coming back in the room) Hey, do we have any bandages?

Me: Yes.

Him: Where are they?

Now, he's lived here just as long as I have. Why doesn't he know where we keep things like that?

Me: The medicine cabinet! (as I throw the blanket from myself and jump to the floor, thinking, "Oh-My-Gosh!!! Are you kidding me?")

I opened the medicine cabinet, hand him the box of large bandages and walk back to the bedroom.

Him: (I swear, really he did) Do we have any tape? (just as I was getting back under the blanket)

Me: LOL! (I'm laughing in a semi-crazy, lunatic sort of way by now. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or cuss.)   

I got up, knowing we didn't have any of "that kind" of tape. I walked over to the drawer where we keep the tape, batteries, etc. and found some painter's tape. and gave it to him. I explained this is all I could come up with and I hope it'll work.  

Him: (He bandaged himself up, walks out and sees me drinking my coffee and watching the morning news.) Honey, what are you doing up? Why didn't you go back to bed?

Me: A blank stare as a million ugly words come to my mind but I didn't say any of them.

After all, seriously - the man got hurt at work last night, didn't complain as much as I would have with a burn like that. He's been working literally from daylight to dark for weeks. What do I have to complain about?

[anyone who personally knows us, will understand that statement]    

I'm not sure when ithappened, but somewhere along the way, we have started "growing up." The old me would have pitched seven duck fits in a row.  ... And he wouldn't have cared (or known) what time I got up.

Still taking it one day at a time ...


I'll be back soon with some helpful links


sunnysbrother said...

Wives....Pray for them, a man can not ask for help to do anything.  When a Man asks if we have bandages it is the Man's way of hoping Dear old Wifey will jump up like a Mommy and say, "Oh please let me take care of your boo boo".  And all the while she fixes him he will be able to save manhood by protesting that it's ok he doesn't need help and attention.  When a man wants company he just irritates the woman until she pays attention.  Usually works.

Dwayne and Dude the experts on irritating women.

fancykat28 said...

It was nice to see you have wrote a entry.  I always enjoy reading your journal.  I've recently moved to Oklahoma.  And I've also had to make my journal private.  Would you like to be added to the list to continue to read just how grand my life has been lately?  (it's no going so grand now)  Email me and let me know, sweetie.


P.S.  You know Alabama will always be "Sweet Home Alabama".  Nobody but you can understand this and just how sweet Dixie is.  Give Stephen a hug from me, please.

~Angel on Your Shoulder~

my78novata said...

Its nice having this kind of realtionship though were you are comfortable in each ohter. even with the hubbys getting on our nerves. LOL Last night mine kept coughing  I said C O U G H drop. he said just a hair I ll quit he keeps on and on I Finally say cough drop!!!!!!!!!!! he gets one and stops coughing. I said evena hair can scratch your throat silly

asnyandrews said...

OMG! Are all men this way? Yesterday my hubs comes in to eat and the kids are at the table eating away and one ask for some more kool aid and he's all is there any more kool aid?  Asking me and the gallon pitcher of the KA is sitting (I kid you not) like right in front of his plate!  So I get off my butt which I just sit down to rest for a sec to move his plate over to reach across it and get the stinkin pitcher of KA!  I could kill him sometimes!

sbrlzc said...

Now, he's lived here just as long as I have. Why doesn't he know where we keep things like that?



I was directed to you from Dwayne and Dude. I have to say that my husband is the exact same way! He knows where the band-aids are, I know he does, but when injured he cannot go to the bathroom and get the first aid kit, where the band-aids and neosporin live. No-ooo that would be to easy. I have to go get it. LOL He admits thought that he wants the attention. At least he's honest.

I noticed in your profile that you're from Alabama. My husband is from Decatur.


princesssaurora said...

The uterus is a homing device!   I wrote on this exact phenomena in my journal in July, I think.  lol, Dwayne and Dude sent me this way...thanks for the laugh!

Be well,


brendad57 said...

Mia! You really must stop looking in my windows and listening in on our conversations!
I actually  brought this  siutation up to my daughter and husband this morning. I gave a demo on how to close a door quietly.
Remaning a kindred spirit acrooss the miles,
Brenda Dixon

indigosunmoon said...


bridgetteleigh75 said...

LOL ~ men really can be a little slow, can't they??

But, I did hear on The Today Show that although men's brains are larger, women have more neuron fibers firing.  Supposedly, that's why women have much better memories than men.  Hmmpphh.  I say it's they just don't listen!



s0ngbird1962 said...

Ok, not sure if this entry was supposed to make me smile, but it truly did....

Yup, hubbies gotta love '

dbaumgartner said...

I just had to laugh at this entry.  Sometimes you wonder!!!!  Thanks for the smile.

babyshark28 said...

I am glad for this entry....your still working it all out and looking for band aids..."sniff* gotta

freeepeace said...

LOL!  Ohhh Luuuuuucyyyy...
Too cute.  Glad to hear you two are "growing up" together.

As for the font and format glitch - it's AOL baby.  I don't have a solution - except for a test journal.  Do all edits in there and copy/paste the final result in here.  Otherwise, we can handle it. ;)

Love to you and the little one!! xoxox

wfhbear said...

OK, You apparently like men since you put up with us of all ages and sizes. Soooooo, it is your responsibility to put up with our few little quirks. WE NEED A LITTLE ATTENTION OCCASSIONALLY!!! What to us is a nothing thing a 10pm is a major thing at 5am. Men have certain things that they do well. They also have certain things they don't do well. It is the Wife's responsibility to do all the "Wife Stuff" and help the Husband get through all the confusing parts of life. Unless it is mechanical or deals with a specific sport we need help. Hello to Stephen. Regards, Bill.