Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back To School

Yes, believe it or not, it's back-to-school time! You'd think that I'd have time to do some updating and journal surfing, but school just started back last Wednesday and I've been too tired. No, that's an understatement. I'm exhausted! Summer has wiped me out. Stephen has already missed one day of school. Today was his annual neurology appointment. All is going well. He's grown a little taller and gained a little weight since last year. Just look at him up there in the photo taken yesterday ... he'll be as big as me before we know it. The Dr. upped his seizure medicine dosage, according to his growth/weight-gain and wrote a new prescription for something that should help another problem that has been getting progressively worse. I'll get into that at another time. I just don't want to go there right now. To tell you the truth, I have been slacking on my iron supplements and I don't have the energy to get into much right now. ::yawn:: I'd give anything for an afternoon nap like my mama used to take every day. Lucky for her, I could come home from school and pretty much take care of myself and go outside alone, unsupervised.      

edit: Well, the DH is home from work early! Maybe that nap can be arranged! Whoohoo! (not holding my breath) lol - I'll check back in asap.