Saturday, July 9, 2005

Dennis The Menace!!!

Just a quick update. (who knew I'd make the time?)    We were unable to go on our road trip after all yesterday afternoon. The hubs didn't get home from work until 9:30 last night. He's working on a new Walmart Super Center and his deadline is Monday. So - he put in 13 hours yesterday to have that out of his way. He was so disappointed that Stephen was disappointed, he wanted to try to go today. We checked the weather and really thought things were not going to get bad until late tomorrow. We heard wrong. Oh, it's going to be bad tomorrow, but it started early this evening. We came all the way back home. Stephen didn't mind. He was just happy to see something different. We stopped and had a huge meal at O'Charley's in Oxford Alabama and he was an angel, if I do say so myself. He knew he'd been a good boy and when we got back in the truck, he applauded himself.     As you can see in the photos above, the clouds started to roll in. It was pouring down rain. So hard, it was difficult to see. The wind was blowing like crazy. Lightening all around. I'm glad to be home. The interstate's southbound lane has been closed between Montgomery and Mobile so all lanes can be used for those trying to flee from the gulf areas.  Hotels were full, everywhere. Restaurants were overcrowded. God bless them all. Everyone we managed to talk to seemed to be in really good spirits, considering.     I was over at Swirly's journal (Coffee Swirls and One Girl's World) and read that her nephew had to move his 4th birthday party indoors. Bummer. Poor baby. I hope he had a great birthday anyway!   Deb of, "The Making of a Home" I hope y'all are also hanging on over there in the Atlanta area. Please stay in touch and let us all know how you are doing.   I'll try to do the same. For now, I'm beat and I'm going to call it a night!

Friday, July 8, 2005

A Few Pictures & A Lot Of Rambling

The only explanation I have for not updating before now is, I'm just plain lazy.

True, I haven't the time these days either. Stephen really, really (really!) takes up a lot of my time. But mostly, I'm lazy. I am constantly thinking of things inside my head that I want to journal about, but those thoughts never make it out of my mind. I always get sidetracked when Stephen needs to go to the bathroom, needs a snack, or wants me to play with him. If it isn't that, I'm having to cook, clean, etc. Not to mention, my mama has needed me more these days to do little things for her.  It never ends, really.  Last Friday was the last day of summer school for Stephen and we've gotten a little off schedule. Sleeping in sometimes as late as 8:00 or so in the morning! That's late for Stephen and me. We've been staying up later than usual. Stephen, 11:00 and later, myself, after midnight. I stay up and pick up the trail of junk in the house, load the dishwasher, finish laundry. You know, all of the same things the rest of you all do, wherever you are. :-) It's exhausting to even say all of that. Makes me wonder, how I did all of this when I was working? Do I want to do all of this and work again? Did my income really make that big a difference? Nope. Not really. I'll play it by ear this Fall. I may or may not go back to work. DH has been needing my help with his business. I've never seen him so busy and someone has to do all of the ::sigh:: paperwork. Someone needs to take a small business course. I've managed salons, but the construction business is another ball game. Totally. I'd appreciate any good vibes and prayers you could send our way, for DH is about to take a leap into having his own fabrication shop. This totally scares the heck out of me. I just don't feel ready for this, but if not now, when? We're not getting any younger. But the security of working for someone else is something I will miss. I hate not knowing what's to come. Even though job security is not even close to what it once was. The reason he decided to become self employed in the first place was because he was laid of twice within 4 months, over two years ago. The benefits are not as good as they used to be, nor is the salary. Still, there are so many uncertainties with this new adventure. I'm not a risk taker. But I have to admit that I do like the fact that he is able to go to most of Stephen's Dr's appointments with me. Stephen is quite the handful. Even more, he loves to go on field trips with Stephen. Stephen is benefiting from all of this. At least, short term. I hope, long term too.   All in all, I will say, summer has been good so far. When Stephen's dad gets back from work today, we are taking an overnight road trip. The kid LOVES hotels. Since we can't plan a vacation just yet, little trips like this will do just fine. We still have to go to the beach at some point this summer and my parents want us to go with them to North Carolina in August. A lot to look forward to. Many memories to make. Many, many pictures to take. 

Now as I sign off on this overdue update, I will ask one more prayer request of you all. As  you know, unless you've been under a rock, Hurricane Dennis is headed in our direction. Same trail as Hurricane Ivan. ::sigh:: My mama has already called and begged me not to take this little road trip. But we've already promised Stephen and really talked it up to him. He doesn't deal well with broken promises. Who does? Besides, it's a little north east of here. Between Birmingham and Atlanta to be exact. So - it may not even be as bad as it is here. We're closer to the Gulf here. I think it's a 3 1/2 hour drive from our driveway to Pensacola Beach.  With all of that being said, I better go and pack Stephen's change of clothes and medication. Ooooh, I just had a terrible thought ... We didn't make reservations to go to that, small town. Umm, any chance everyone from the coast has moved up this way and have all of the Holiday Inns filled up? Hmmm... I hope not. I'd hate to hear mama say, "I told you so!"  - - Again. ;-)  

 It could be ages till I update again. I hope you all have a happy and safe summer. I will still visit my favorite journals often.