Thursday, November 4, 2004

Too Much Halloween

I don’t know about all of you, but we’ve had enough of candy to last a year! Stephen had a great time, trick or treating. But we’ve all had too much candy and my lil’ buddy has had tummy trouble for a couple of days. Poor lil' guy.


My landlord owns 100 + acres here. He has a mini-museum of civil war findings that he found on this property. Also Indian arrowheads and such. Could be a number of spirits roaming these parts. I can certainly tell you this; we’ve lived here for 9 years and there is absolutely the strangest energy here. Does that make sense? It’s never felt quite right. Weird things happen. And our lives have changed since moving here. Not in a good way either. I’ve had the house blessed twice, and was told that they felt a terrible spirit of oppression and depression here. A spirit of anger and hostility. But I don’t think it’s the house. It’s only 15 years old, and we’re the 3rd family to live here. That I know of, there were no deaths in this house. I think it’s the land. We constantly have things to come up missing, only to reappear in the very spot we‘ve been looking for hours or days. The latest example of that is, DH’s wallet. Last week, the last time he remembered having it was when he was welding pipe, 15 ft. under the ground and then, the crew covered the pipe. He was certain that since he couldn’t find it anywhere in the house, it must be underground. Still, I had a feeling he must have brought it home or he would have noticed it was gone before the next morning. We looked everywhere. His bedside table. My bedside table. Under the bed, just incase it had fallen and got kicked up under there. Nope. Nowhere. It must be on the jobsite. Monday morning, I was making the bed and guess what was on the floor on my side of the bed? Yup, the wallet. There is NO WAY I walked over that thing for 5 days. Uh, uh, no way! The wallet, just like numerous other things had disappeared and was returned to an obvious place. Don’t laugh. I’m certain of it! I’ll never be convinced otherwise. We hear noises. Sometimes, a window that has been raised for days will slam shut. I’ve seen what looks like a shadow where there is no one standing. Then, it’ll be gone. We’ve never experienced such happenings before moving here. I have neighbors who experience the same things we do. Nothing terrifying, just annoying at times.

An old friend I used to know has a farm where he also has collectedmany an arrowhead and confederate metal buttons, etc. The spirits that roam his farm were very scary to me. One day, they were all hunting and I stayed at the house. I was on the phone with my mother when I heard a noise and saw something move from the corner of my eye. When I looked into the direction of that noise, I saw the hanging plants start to sway back and forth. There were no windows open. I convinced myself it was my imagination. During a conversation that evening, I found out about the rumor of that farm being an old battlefield. Since then, I’ve had different people tell me different stories about strange happenings they encountered while visiting there. One girl said that she was visiting them one weekend and the stereo kept coming on in the middle of the night. The TV in her room would come on and when she walked over to turn it off, it would go off before she touched it. [No, there was no remote control to either of these] This one guy was at a party there and went in the house to put his beer in the fridge and as he reached for the refrigerator door, the door opened by itself and then, slammed shut. The guy threw his beer down and ran outside and told the owner, who only laughed and said, “Oh, you have met one of my ghosts. They won’t hurt you. They just like to make their presence known for attention. I’ve gotten used to it.” The guy left, and never-ever went back. Even the owner stained his underwear the evening he was minding his own business, watching TV. He was drinking a Dr. Pepper when an image of some sort came out of the TV, he heard a scream and the glass he was holding shattered in his hand. Yeah, that would be enough to make me move. But as far as I know, he still lives on that farm. Not everyone experienced this sort of happening there. The only thing I can assume is, some of us are more sensitive that others? I don’t know.

So, there are my ghost stories, a week late. But when I make a promise, I try to keep it. I said I’d continue, and I did.

How do you like the photo above? LOL! I can’t take credit for it. It was sent to me by a friend a couple of years ago, and it just tickles me to pieces, every time I look at it. Maybe I’ll try to be that creative next year with the pumpkin carving.

Stay tuned as I will attempt to post some recipes in the near future. Maybe even a story or two. Thanksgiving is just around the corner!



slowmotionlife said...

Fun ghost stories!  Personally, I've never seen or heard anything obvious.. only subtle stuff.  I think when you live in an area that has a lot of history, you get a lot more of those kinds of stories.  I think I'll stay here in Texas where the ghosts aren't so plentiful.  LOL

c82trinity said...

Love the pumpkin pic and that is amazing that it happens to you in your house/ property like that. My mothers old house that she moved out of a year ago always had the creepiest feelings in it and some really spiritual friends of mine wouldnt even go in it! So, one day while I was working for this Networking compnay his accountant came in and she told me that they were the origional owners of that house and they had it built! Her father committed suicide in the house. I guess that explained it huh?

babyshark28 said...

ooooo that is scary!!
I would be VERY ill at ease, that's for sure.
we had similiar experiences in a house that we lived in, in a small town.
had terrible dreams at night.  I experienced a total body takeover one night. come to find out, the previous owners wife committed suicide in the home. :O
I still get the jeebies thinking about all that.