Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Ressie's Corner/Sunset with God

Ressie's corner/Sunset with God

I've been taking photo tips from SloMo, what do y'all think? I know we all agree, that girl has the eye. If I have SloMo's approval, I feel good about it J

The above picture's title is simply, "Ressie's corner."  Ressie is my aunt, the one I talked about in one of my Christmas entries. Ressie is one of my positive influences, like SloMo, Trish and I talked about on Saturday. The reason I have named it, Ressie's corner is because everything you see there on my nightstand was a gift from Ressie, with exception of my Rosary beads, which were a gift from a dear Catholic friend. I see Paul's beads there too, hanging beside my lamp. The lamp, also a gift from Ressie. Many times I have thought, surely there was some mix up~Ressie was really my mother. I guess that wasn’t meant to be, for I really love my mother, and although I am quite quirky, she helped mold me into me. Love me or Hate me, I say.

Do you notice the book on top of my pile of books that I am reading? Ressie bought that, and all of the others, except for the one on the bottom, which was a Christmas gift to myself last year, a collection of short stories by Louisa May Alcott. Ressie buys me a book every Christmas and usually for my birthday. We share the same taste in books. Some books, we simply love for the beauty of the cover. And they say you can't judge a book by the cover! I beg to differ. Last night I was reading, Sunset with God, which has a Bible scripture before each story. I like that, scripture and story on the same page. As I closed the book, I noticed on the cover of the book it says "Sunset with God. Meditations to end you day God's way". It has a picture of a porch, overlooking the ocean, with the sun setting on the horizon, an empty reading chair, beside that on a table-a journal and pen, a glass and pitcher of iced tea (the drink of the south) a fern dangling from the ceiling of the porch. The only thing missing, was me, sitting in that chair. I must admit, I studied the cover of this book more intense than the story I'd just read. I felt as though that empty chair was waiting for me. I was able to put the book down, forget about life's problems that I can't control anyway, and drifted into a sleep feeling a peace that I didn't feel before. The objects you see on my nightstand are very important to me. They comfort me.

What would I find on your bedside table?


plieck30 said...

Not a book at my bed side. I don't read in bed, never got the habit. Bible on the coffee table and a VC Andrews book in the bath room. Paula

aynetal3 said...

Your image is lovely! This includes the corner, the book cover, and a sense of your dedication to all that is most valuable. We've decided long ago to love you! We find ourselves at night nestled on the couch. Above me is a large red print cloth tree with falling leaves named after all the clients and behind me one of our large bookcases containing a great many mysteries of life. The lighted Valentine tree sitting on an old treadle machine is the last I see of my day. Our love Ann and all

ckays1967 said...

The purpose driven life and journal (the paper kind)
The King of Torts
Blind Run
Atkins diet book
Dr Phil's diet book

A bottle of water
My Estrogen
alarm clock

Candle lighter (long one)
Warm Vanilla Body spray from Bath and Body

my wedding picture

freeepeace said...

Mia, beautiful photo. :) What a wonderful person to have so dear to your heart. What would you find on MY bedside table? Uhh...right now, library books by Plath and Nin, Emmanuel's Books, The Power of Now, a few journals, Rosewater, candles and a "special box" with "special things" for "special moments" :P [actually, that box holds the master tapes from my CD and more candles]

slowmotionlife said...

I can't believe I haven't seen this entry until now.. Freeepeace reminded me to check this journal because I thought you had abandoned it. GREAT photo... I love the way this one came out. WTG! And if I HAD a bedside table, you would probably find a copy of Plath or Nin's journal, my glasses, and my orchid. :)

babyshark28 said...

on my bedside table....clothes I haven't put away in a week..and old dusty books..and a picture. not very exciting is it? LOL I LOVE this pictures, with all the warm tones. makes me want to sit in ressie's chair and pick up one of those books and read awhile. very nice!

babyshark28 said...

your so lucky, I have never rated enough for an award. but,'s all good. :) you deserve it !! and I didn't know you were still posting in here!! geeeesh. :)

sdrogerson said...

Just discovered your journal.
Thank you for an interesting read.
Was nice to what a Walmart is.................... ;-)
We don't have them in Scotland
Hope you might enjoy my journal

kathyrep2004 said...

Great picture. Just discovered