Thursday, January 8, 2004

I tried to edit the below entry, and it's like the links are all dead... I've been having this problem, repeatedly! I have found it most frustrating. All I want to do, is add photos and edit my entries, and no way am I able to do this with either journal.  I contacted AOL live help about this issue and the friendly person I spoke with, was unable to help. Although I know they meant well, their "help" was about as useful as a rubber crutch. 

I have literally been trying since this time yesterday to update both  of my journals, no luck with either, except the miracle that I was finally able to add a photo from hometown to this entry after clearing some ftp space (the only advice that was helpful) (I didn't have a lot stored in it to start with) ANY ideas? those of you who update often, adding photos, doing editing and such? Has is become a major pain the the neck for anyone else? Is it just me? I

I'm going to unplug this baby for a while and get some much needed "rest." 

I hope this all went through, via IM!

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andreakingme said...

Good Lord, woman! Do you have Internet Explorer? Or another internet browser? Once you are signed on to AOL, bring up your other internet browser, type in your entire Journal addy (the whole blessed thing), then look for that gold key in the upper righthand corner. See it? CLICK it. Then, sign in and you're good to go.

I never update my Journal through AOL anymore. Nope. Nevah.