Friday, December 12, 2003

Good Deeds for a good cause: Comes back full circle

Congratulations to SloMo for losing that first pound!~The following story is just an example of how your good deeds can come back around to you. (and fast!) Yesterday, in SloMo's honor, I gave someone a $10 discount for a h/c. That was my original good deed pledge. Then (not really feeling like it) I did an unexpected haircut, last minute, and told the girl's mom to consider it a Christmas gift from me. (they are having it hard, as are we, bc my dh is laid off) This morning, the girl shows up at my door with $15.35 (I have not yet been able to understand, why that exact amount) and said that her mom received some unexpected money and insisted that I take it for payment, or a gift for Stephen, from them. I'm going to send extra cookies to them for doing that! See folks? The gift goes on :o) Somebody up there sees and remembers. Look in my other journal (linked in the entry below) for my list of favorite charities, causes and so forth! And don't forget to pay SloMo a visit and congratulate her, and do something nice today! Even if it's just letting someone step inline ahead of you at the grocery store! You never know, maybe if you do, you'll have green lights all the way home. :wink:

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

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Mia Renee'

Monday, December 8, 2003

Goodbye to our dear friend

Frank. We all knew him and loved him in our own way. He was one of the most private, yet one of the most open with us. He did not share his age with all of us, but he shared the youth within his heart. He and I had a big laugh based on the fact that for a while, I thought he was a young stud, and he thought I was an old dud. He was 20 years older than me. He didn’t talk about his family in his journal. Frank’s journal was Frank’s journal. Something of his own. A place where he could be himself, heart and soul. He didn’t have to hide behind a suit and tie, and be the English major that we all knew he was . He could be Frank, wearing his favorite attire (t-shirt and jeans). He made us laugh on more than one occasion. He could whine, well. He could share his broken heart with all of us, and soon found out how much he was cared for. The ladies loved him, the men respected him and probably took notes from him on various subjects. He made many friends. I believe that each of us helped mend his broken heart. The last time he spoke about Mary to me, he said he was finally getting over it, with a little help from his friends (us). He had a way about him that drew in more and more of us. And always left us wanting more. Frank was a very gifted writer who could have bragged about all of his success, he had much to brag about, but chose to let us all feel that we were his equal, and always made it a point to tell us that he felt honored to know us! I feel honored to have known him from the time he left his 1st comment in my journal on September 27th.

The following text in blue is the 1st comment Frank left in my journal. From that day until last week, I knew an amazing person, whom I will miss terribly.

aims: please accept my sincere hopes and prayers for Stephen. Best wishes to you, of course and I'm glad you're having fun with these things. Me too. This is such a nice note, I had to comment. I'm going to post a link to your site, or, at least write about it in one of next few whatever you call-em.

keep reading.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Time for a quick entry

To answer all of your emails and comments-(thanks, all of you! for caring)

My lab results were all normal. Funny, I don't feel normal. But, for now, I'll take their word for it and just be thankful. She (my Dr.) told me to limit my stress. Can anyone tell me exactly how to do that? I'm curious. We can't make our problems go away... So how do YOU limit your stress, or I suppose I should ask, how do you cope? How do YOU stay sane?


PS: SloMo asked what we cooked at school yesterday. We made sugar cookies. One of the teachers and I were able to get him to help pour the mix in the bowl and we hand over hand, helped him stir once. After that, he was finished! After his tantrum and the aide took over, I helped with the others, then, when I was washing and putting the bowl and cookie sheets away, I turned and saw him and his aide, sitting in a big ol' rocking chair as she gave him his cookies. I think he ate two, as he smiled up at her and allowed a little bit of cookie to drool down his chin. At first I felt relieved. Then... It pissed me off bc he was a little booger for me! LOL! Yeah, I choose to believe that he was confused about mama being in the class. Ya think?