Saturday, November 22, 2003

Thank you Chief!

Since this is the week of Thanksgiving ~ I want to share something each day this week with all of you, for which I am thankful. (I will try my very best to keep up every day as planned, but you know how sometimes, life just throws a curve-ball `atcha.) But, my plan is to list at least one thing, each day this week, that I am thankful for.

First thing that comes to my mind is our city's fire and rescue dept. My brother was employed by our city as a firefighter and paramedic for about 20 years, and is still involved with them. You see, there is something I've learned, being the sister of a firefighter and good friends with many of them: This career they chose goes far beyond putting in a day's work, and looking forward to that paycheck. It's in their blood. It isn't a career move, it's a calling.  They are not just, *friends* they are *brothers* In the above picture, is a photo of our recently retired fire chief, John Cochran, who has been a part of our family for as many years as I can remember. I remember the old police car that he used as his first EMS vehicle, sitting in his drive, a few houses up from ours. I remember seeing the red lights flashing at a moments notice, and knowing that he was off to rescue someone. Being a little girl, I sometimes imagined, "maybe he's going to rescue someone's cat from a tree, or maybe even from a burning house!" If I remember correctly, I believe there have been a few cases, they really did rescue a few pets. I remember my brother used to walk over to Chief's house in the evenings when he was a young man, and they would have a chat. I don't know wht they talked about, but I think that probably Chief played a big role in inspiring Randy to be a firefighter. All the kids in the neighborhood looked up to him. I know I did, and I still do. Let me take this time to encourage each of you to take a moment this week to let your local firefighters know how much you appreciate them. Maybe, take them a pumpkin pie or something, just to say, "thank you!" :)

::photos used on this page are from our hometown newsletter::


jslack605 said...

I have a nephew that's a fire fighter who I'm so proud of. He is so good with the people he takes care of. Without hesitation he goes into situations that are sometimes dangerous. Also on my job we meet the fire fighters/paramedics. What a wonderful heroic group of people they are. I'm afraid any pumpkin pie I would make is liable to make them sick :( but I sure will let them know how thankful I am for what they do each day.

sonensmilinmon said...

What a wonderful thing to do ... give thanks all week! I'll be back to see what else gets mentioned. :)
Smilin Mon

viviansullinwank said...

"Aims" I trust things went well at the hospital. I've never know a firefighter so I enjoyed learning about it being in their blood from your posting. How's Stephen. I'm putting together another email for should be in your inbox soon :)

brendad57 said...

I understand about f/f being in the blood. My family is 3 generations of Mobile AL. firemen. My husband's a fireman and my oldest son plans on being a f/f.My husband and another Angel Dad are volunteer f/f in our community.
Your brother must be special. I read your "Thankyou's" to him. He and I almost share birthdays! Mine was the 14th.
I hope you are feeling well. I understand so much of what you have written about your health concerns.

aims814 said...

Oh, Hi Brenda! So nice to see you leave a comment here! I hope all is well with your family. I still want to get with you, and add your story - but will let you see it before posting. :) Give your family my love, and an extra special hug for Jonathan. Send a recent pic if you have one? OH, and I had forgotten that your hubby was a firefighter, didn't know it "ran" in your family tho! Love-Mia

aims814 said...

Awe... thanks Vivian for creating another e-mail message for Stephen! He (we all) enjoyed the last one so much. You are going to spoil him! We visited Arthur's music box again tonight before bedtime He just loved that! :) {{hugs}}

slowmotionlife said...

You are the sweetest thing, Mia. I love this "I'm thankful" series. There are so many things to be thankful for. And it's not always the big things either.. this is a great idea. Definitely inspiring. And I think the fire department would REALLY truly appreciate a pumpkin pie. I don't think anyone says "Thank you" enough to those guys. After our little fire scare this weekend, I certainly think a "thank you" on this end is in order as well. [You're great!!!]

aims814 said...

So true Slo- and these guys are most appreciative when they are remembered. I don't know how many times I've rushed Stephen over there just to get their opinion before going to the ER. They give senior citizens (free) blood pressure checks. I've not only been fortunate enough to be a part of their lives, but they've come to our rescue, many a time as well. I took cookies to them last time they looked Stephen over for me. They all hugged my neck as if I'd brought a feast! Swell bunch of fellas!

brimasta1 said...

This truly is a great entry. I really enjoyed reading it! I like how you went back to your childhood and talked about some of your memories.