Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Special Olympics Soccer Blast

These pictures were taken last week at Soccer Blast. Please, guys.. don't get upset with me for posting so many photos. When I got them back, I couldn't decide on just, "one" out of all of them to upload, so I am using the, "you've got pictures" album for these. The first one that you see up there, was made the morning before the bus got here. He was so excited when we mentioned the word, "Soccer." He loves to play.

In a few of the pictures, he is on the (indoor) field alone, with the oversized soccer balls. Those were the ones for the wheelchair participants, but they let him go in there and play anyway. Or, actually, he insisted on going in there to play, and they finally gave in. He loved these oversized ones, b/c they were much easier to kick b/c of his problems with balance and he hasn't quite mastered how to run, yet and falls a lot. In some of the pics, you will see his daddy; he helped out on the field. It's hard to say who had the most fun. As you will see, they both enjoyed it, and Stephen was most unhappy to leave.


babyshark28 said...

get mad at you for posting too many photos! never! I loved everyone! more, more, more...I will have to bring my daughter in here, she's 10 and she loves soccer too. She will love Stephen. Thank you for posting your pictures and sharing his love for soccer, I am glad he had such a great time. :)

raisinglouisiana said...

The more pictures the better! Aww, he looked
like he had so much fun! I personally love the
huge soccer ball. I'm glad he had such a good time!
Love, Penny

aims814 said...

Thanks, you guys! He did have a blast! Guess that's why they call it "Soccer Blast"

freeepeace said...

Mia, you've done it again. I can't help but weep (good tears) when I see Stephen's face. I love all the pictures (every single one) but my absolute favorite is #10 - just seems like the perfect action-shot! He is the light in all that is! Sloppy G-rated kisses from Hunny and big hugs and laughter from me!

slowmotionlife said...

That kiddo really loves life, doesn't he? Looks like he had a blast. LOL I want to live life like Stephen - always with enthusiasm! Great post!