Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Just for fun... What's your most embarrassing moment?

Hello there everyone. I am taking a five minute break. I will probably not post tomorrow. They tell me I will sleep most of the evening. (that'll be a first)

I was just in my bedroom, doing some last minute dusting, changing bedding, etc. and my most embarrassing moment popped in my mind, causing me to stop for a minute, sit on the edge of my bed and lol for just a few seconds. Years ago, I actually went out to a few clubs. Not on a regular basis, but maybe 3 x a year. One year, a bunch of us, mostly all family went to a local club for New Years Eve.  I am a funny drunk when/if I drink, and it only takes a half to one drink to make me act goofy. You know, girls almost always go to the bathroom in groups. (why do we do that?) Anyway, my cousins and I just came out of the ladies room, when the band started playing a good dance tune. So, off to the dance floor I went with the only person who wasn't ashamed to be seen dancing with me. (I can't dance well, but I think I can, once I've been drinking) I glanced over at our table and everyone was lol'ing to the point of tears. Some were actually ROFL at us! I was like, "why are they lol'ing? My dance partner said, "don't worry about them, just have a good time." Finally, after people on the dance floor started lol'ing too, by best friend took mercy on me and ran to the dance floor and jerked about 5 yards of toilet paper off of my shoe. (thanks, Beth) Everytime I kicked up my leg, the charmin would flow. That's just one embarrassing moment. I have so many, as I am always doing something silly. I'm not going to be feeling well after coming home from the hospital tomorrow afternoon. So, I'm going to need some funny stories. I know y'all have some. Please, share your most embarrassing moment with us!

ps: wish me luck and say a prayer tomorrow!


jslack605 said...

Oh heavens, I have so many embarrassing moments where should I begin. I remember once when my kids were probably 6 and 8 or so I always kept the house so spotless, I was a miss perfect clean freak there for a while. Everyone always said what a clean house. Well there came a time when we got our own house and were moving. (continued)

jslack605 said...

continued ...
I had to run to the store and get a 'dolly' to move the big stuff. So while I was gone the movers and taken apart the big bed and had put it in the truck. Under where the bed was there was a stack of dirt about a foot high where I had always swept it (no dust pan/too lazy). Well everyone gathered around and had a good laugh at the 'perfect' housekeeper.

krobbie67 said...

Standing over the clogged toilet in the bathroom of my bedroom with the plumber, my stepdad, and mom as he snaked up a bunch of tampons!!!! EEEEK Haven't flushed one of those buggers since. Hope you feel better soon!

raisinglouisiana said...

I have many, the most embarrassing is R-rated, so I can't
post it here, but here's one. ALso involving femenine hygiene
products. My younger brothers would throw my tampons in the
toilet to see them "blossom, and the paper tube unravel"...at least
they didn't flush them, but to go into the bathroom and find a toilet
full was too much, and then to have them ask what they were for...
I left that for my mom to explain and I would beat the crap out of them
later, lol!

slowmotionlife said...

My list of embarrassing stories runs entirely too long. I'm forever putting my foot in my mouth, or slipping and falling, or getting my lunchbreak hour mixed up. Just recently, in the grocery store, I accidentally knocked down an entire shelf of fruit bowls and got fruit all over the floor and my pants. There was no way I was gonna go home and change, so I just did my shopping, smelling like pineapple and looking like I wet myself. Errrr.. yeah. Embarrassing.

freeepeace said...

I'm pretty sure you know my most embarrassing moments... they usually involve the dogpark. Also, I'm terrible with names - I've gone years saying hello, having full-length conversations, building casual friendships with some wonderful people. I know it seems rude when I refuse to introduce them to friends... If only I could remember their names!!

jslack605 said...

I hope your day went well. My Mom used to say this little poem sometimes if I had a hard day...Goodnight, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. If they do take a shoe and knock them black and blue. It just was meant to make me smile so maybe it will cause you to smile too. God bless you.

babyshark28 said...

yes, I wish you luck! and I will pray!! my most embarrassing moment?? I guess when a guy I liked walked into my classroom ( I was a junior in high school) and gave a note to the teacher, for me, he decided not to give me the note..but, instead, teased me until I was bright red and i couldn't even talk!

aims814 said...

Hey everyone. Just too tired to make an entry. I've loved reading your stories! and thank y'all for the well wishes. Things went fine, I'm back home, in my own bed. My results will be back in 10 days! I'll make a "real" entry when I'm feeling better. Till then, keep those stories comin' xo Mia

andreakingme said...

Garsh, what happened yesterday? I wasn't around. Must go read ...

As for most embarrassing moment? Probably the time I told a boy I loved him before I should have. I had just broken up in a long term relationship and was still used to say the words. Well, they just slipped out. Once he heard me say that, he got SUCH a look of panic on his face. I turned red. As soon as he bolted out the door, I slumped to the floor with a wail. SO embarrassing!

happyb8888 said...

Hiding in the bushes
As nature called to me
A guy came wandering
I worried he could see
Squatting a bit lower
As quiet as can be
I tried to slip
My panties up
But caught them on my knee

I tripped and fell forward
Outside my hiding place
Landing at the guy’s feet
Much to my disgrace
I hiked my panties on
And looked into his face
A smile was there
From ear to ear
A memory to erase

Marcia Ellen

aims814 said...

ROFLMAO! Marcia Ellen! Is this your very own, poem? If so, girl, I'll tell you again, you MUST write a book of poetry. Your talent and humor is endless!

aims814 said...

Thanks, you guys for sharing your most embarrassing moments with me, and all who stop by to read my little corner of J-World. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I am feeling better already :)

raisinglouisiana said...

Glad to see you out and about here in J-Land!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment
on mine! Hope everything is better for you, and
give the little guy a hug from me!
Love ya, Penny

ondinemonet said...

I can't share my most embarrassing moment because it is...embarrassing...LOL But I can think funny thoughts your way and make a face at ya! :P Take care :)

fyrecracker1 said...

I'm sure I've HAD embarrassing moments.... I can't seem to think of any right now, though.... Maybe they were SO BAD that I have blocked them out of my memory? If I think of something, I'll le'cha know! ;o)

irun01 said...

I just shared an embarrrassing moment this morning in my journal. Feel free to visit.