Monday, October 6, 2003

Tears for Stephen

Saturday was Family Day for our church. It was held at a local park. We’ve only been back in church for 4 weeks, and we thought this would be a good time to mingle with the other families and let Stephen get to know some of the children better, and vise versa. Stephen and I were standing with the Pastor, making general conversation, when another little boy walked up. This excited Stephen to death. So much, that he started vocalizing and walking in his awkward, unbalanced way to the little boy, and tried to pat him on the back. That is Stephen’s way of saying, “Hi! My name is Stephen, want to play?” Understandably, the little boy began to back away from Stephen, a little frightened by his enthusiasm. This, I can understand. He had probably never met a mentally challenged child before. But, what bothered me is this; the little boy’s mother, rushed over and pulled her son under her wing to guard him from Stephen, and then, walked away from us, giving us a disgusted stare. The Pastor said, “oh, it’s okay, he was only saying hello!” They kept walking. I had to bite my lip and take a deep breath to hold back the tears. By this time, Stephen’s dad had walked up with Stephen’s soccer ball and off they went. I stood there, and watched them play (alone) and my heart was breaking for Stephen, b/c everywhere we go - he is ignored. If only I could be as accepting as he is.. For he never noticed, and his feelings were not the least bit hurt. He kept smiling - as I cried. Not only for my son’s sake, but also for one little boy, who because of his mother’s ignorance, missed an opportunity to meet someone as special as Stephen.


franj1fla said...

see what i mean? great moment. we all know exactly what you meant when that woman pulled her son away from s. terrific piece.

aims814 said...

Thanks, Frank. I see what you mean. And, you are right, when I stick to what I know, it kind of just flows freely. There are always Stephen moments to write about. Stay tuned :) (thanks again, I value your opinion)

jslack605 said...

Sometimes kids have glasses, sometimes they are overweight, sometimes they are different colors, sometimes they stutter, sometimes they are mentally challenged, sometimes they are too rich, sometimes they are too's always something with people that are too ignorant, too self-centered, and too full of themselves to understand. Most people are good though, at least in my experience.

slowmotionlife said...

Unconscionable! It's difficult to believe that people actually ACT that way! Were these church people?? Ugh. Heartbreaking post. So unfortunate, moreso for the other boy, as you said. I'm happy to see you writing again. :)

raisinglouisiana said...

You would think that in this day and age,
people would have more compassion and
understanding. Sometimes I am truly
amazed at the ignorance that runs rampant.
How anyone could ignore your beautiful child,
and his joyous and infectious smile, is beyond me.
They obviously missed out on a special gift.
It's not lost on me, however. (((Stephen, Mom & Dad)))
Love, Penny

babyshark28 said...

ignorance really chaffes my hide! the mother is also playing into her little boys fears as well...errrrr! awww man...I'm all teary eyed now...but, I will be back! I love this place! so positive and informative, I have felt like I just spent an afternoon at your home with a cup of coffee and pie...mmm..I love pie.