Monday, October 6, 2003

Friday night marshmallow roast

To level things out a bit. I have to say we had a really nice weekend. For the most part, we did enjoy Saturday at the park.  I'm getting a little better at trying to understand people.  Stephen had a blast! ...and that is really all that matters.  Sunday, we went to a Fall Festival with my brother and sister inlaw. We all had a nice time, the weather was most pleasant, not too chilly, not too hot. Had a nice visit with my parents, and the Friday night, backyard marshmallow roast! It's really hard to say who enjoyed that the most. Stephen, or his parents, lol! 


jslack605 said...

Wow! It must be wonderful to have a child so filled with joy! You gotta love that smile.

aims814 said...

Yes, he is a joy. Always happy. Unless he is sick or in some kind of pain. Even then, he tries to smile. Stephen is the best gift I've ever received! Thanks for the comment!