Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The crud

Hello all.  This will be a quickie, because we have the crud right now.  Paul and I.  As most of you know, Stephen had it last week.  Now, it's our turn. :( Blahhhh! 
I will get out of bed as much as possible tomorrow and sneak in here to check on you all, on my way to the bathroom, kitchen, etc...  don't you know I would have to be on my death-bed or worse to not do so?  I know, I need professional help, don't I? Maybe it's the flu meds I'm on, but I just feel the need to say, "I love you guys!" lol- Slo---RUSH up here and bring me a  big pot of your potato soup! If you leave right now, you can be back by morning! Hee hee hee! Yep, the cough meds make me silly!  Sorry, I couldn't resist bringing it up one more time.  Don't worry. Soon we'll be picking on someone else. ;-P

But, for real... We really feel like crap... how on earth did my baby feel like this last week and manage to be so sweet and smile all the while? Love that little guy!

Take care!


raisinglouisiana said...

Aww, I'm sorry ya'll are not feeling well.
I hope you are feeling better soon.
Seems the little ones have better coping
mechanisms than we do, and I bet his
famous smile is making you feel better too!
Love, Penny

freeepeace said...

Bu-uh-mer!! Rest. Drink lots of fluids. Rest. vitamin-c. Rest. Slomo's potato soup. Rest. I love you too. (that's assuming i'm one of the "you guys") And if not, then just, I love you! (sans the "too") ~ Be well! xo

fyrecracker1 said...

Hey, I hope you feel better! I've been going through a funk this past week too... It's not a good thing at all! Just get well and rest! Don't worry about us... We'll all be here when you get back! :o)

beverlyg211 said...

Hey Cuz- Sorry you have the crud. I think you gave it to me over the phone the other day LOL. Joey came in with me some hot and sour soup, it seems to help. I will never forget you coming to my house that year and giving Joe and I the flu, do you remember what Joe said when you called to check on us? Hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs and Love! :)

aims814 said...

Bev, sorry I did it again. And this time, over the phone! I'm a curse! LOL-yes I remember word for word what Joe said to me. I'll quote it now. "Mia, next time you are sick, do us all a favor and keep your scrawny, sick-ass at home!" LOL-hey, ask him to please bring me some of that hot and sour soup! hee heee!

babyshark28 said...

thanks for your encouraging words today.... and by the way...I'm glad stephen is better though feel bad your not! eat soup and rest, or atleast try. :)

slowmotionlife said...

Oh no!!! Sorry to hear you're sick, sweetie! I would happily bring you a big pot of potato soup if I knew where *there* was.. and if it meant I could get *there* and back without speeding.. because, you know, I really couldn't handle another ticket fiasco. LoL I'm never speeding again!!! And I love you too! Take care of yourself. [Get well soon. We miss you!]