Monday, October 27, 2003

Communication::Part One

The above pictures are examples of how Stephen communicates. We have many more, with different pics on them, including his favorite restaurants and foods. This is called “picsyms” They are 2x2-laminated cards and I keep them on a huge key ring. Also, at home I have the same pics with Velcro on the back of them, with the other part of the Velcro on a long board that I keep on the fridge. This is Stephen’s routine, or what you and I would refer to as our, “to-do-list.” Our evening routine looks similar to the above pics and I never use over 4 or 5 at a time. I always type the words below the picture so he will learn to recognize the word in print in association with the item in the pic (I am forever hopeful that he will be able to read someday). For example: if we are going to have bathroom time, read a story and then play a computer game, the list would have the pictures on the board that you see in the above picture. After he has completed each task, he pulls it off of the board and puts it in an envelope labeled, “finished.”

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beverlyg211 said...

Mia- Your wonderful with Stephen, he adores you. Stephen is so blessed to have you as his mother. When I look into his beautiful brown eye's I see YOU. And when he smiles it touches my heart. I can remember the last time I came to visit, Stephen sat by me on the sofa, he put him little arm around me and gave me a pat on my back, and laid his head on my shoulder. That was his way of telling me, I'm glad your here, and I love you. He's very loving and caring just like his Mom :)

aims814 said...

Awe, shucks, Bev... You're going to make me cry ;o)