Monday, September 29, 2003

school portrait and blurred vision

I had an eye exam today, and still, my vision is blurred! Errr. So please overlook the typos. Found out I am farsighted, with astigmatism, at least I think that's what the Dr. said. I found out too, that I can't hear as well when I can't see. Go figure.. . But, more importantly, isn't this a cute little picture of our Taz? I scanned the proof :) Everyone who has seen it thus far says it's cute. When I squint, and tilt my head to the right, I can see it pretty good, although it's still hard to see his features. ;-P

I haven't been blogging very much over the weekend, but have been visiting some very interesting blogs.  Various folks have stopped by and wished Stephen well; thanks everyone. I will try my best to sit here long enough (after I get my glasses) and list all of my favorite journals.  They are really adding up! Lots of interesting bloggers out there.. and I can't wait to introduce y'all to them. I have to run now, as I honestly cant see much more than a big, blurry smear on the monitor. (darn it) Take care!


slowmotionlife said...

Hi Mia - since you can't see this anyway, I'll just sit here for the next few minutes and make obscene faces and gestures at the screen. tehehe.. Hope you get your sight back soon, lady! And Steven is adorrrrrable! -- Amy

jslack605 said...

What a beautiful child you have. He seems so upbeat even in the pictures. Hope you get some relief soon. Those teachers, honestly, isn't that just the pits! Wish I lived close maybe I could help you some being a Respiratory Therapist, but a really old one, almost ready to retire. Take care and be sure to do at least one nice thing for yourself each day, even if it's just a long shower or a chocolate bar.

aims814 said...

jslack~ thanks so much for your sweet comments :) Wish you lived near by too, you sound just like the kind of person that Stephen loves!

Amy, thanks for sending all the info on how to add images, etc.. One day, I'll be brave enough to try it. ;-P I actually tried something, from copying and pasting from somewhere else, and I just had to delete the entire entry. Ran out of patience, and I'll try again later. LOL!