Saturday, September 6, 2003


This picture was taken of Stephen on Thursday night.  He had a temp of 100.7

You can tell he isn't quite himself, because he is resting on the sofa.  But, notice the smile on his face :)  If only I could smile, no matter what.... He's our angel.  We are beginning to think it was either viral, and he is getting better, or the ear infection returned and the fever killed the bacteria. (that is what fever is supposed to do, so I've been told) Just to be on the safe side, we are going to the Pediatrcian tomorrow. (Stephen's Pediatrician's office is open 7 days a week... it just costs about double on the weekends, and you have to go to the one in Hoover)  I want to make sure he has a clean bill of health before sending him back to school on Monday.  He's only been to school one day since Labor Day! 

 Well, it's late, and I have laundry waiting to be folded. I mopped the kitchen floor before blogging and it should be dry enough to walk to the laundry room and finish my work. Is a woman's work ever done? I swear, I even dream about things I have to do! Why can't I have nice, relaxing dreams.... like, walking on the beach or something? Hm, anyone out there analyze dreams? Have a good weekend! Please, remember to pray for Stephen's health.


asnyandrews said...

Continued I could only add 500 characters or less. LOL

One day I swear I will breath fire from my mouth as I get up to punch him in the face! LOL, Sometimes he makes me a little angry. I hope and pray to the lord, Jesus that my kids will act just a crazy with him as they do me when I leave to go to TN on my ladies weekend shopping retreat! Maybe then he is respect the work I do as a mother and wife. You think? Nah me either, but atleast I can try!!!

Love, Sonya

asnyandrews said...

Are you kidding? If we could ever have one night of peaceful rest and actually have a day where WE (the women of the world) didn't have any house work to do all the men would actually have something to fuss about. I can take one day off a weekend day and do nothing, no laundry no housework, notta and Jeremy claims I am growing roots on the couch!!!!

aims814 said...

WOW! You get a *break* YOU GO GIRL! Let us know how it went. (for the both of you!lol) PS: I'm dying with envy! :)